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Anat. 30 - Anatomy & Physiology
Instructor:  Margaret Steinberg

Life Science Dept.

Natural Sciences Division

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A & P Lab Unit 2 Models:  Compact Bone Tissue

 Try to name the labeled parts before checking the answers below. 

 Compact Bone Tissue

Compact Bone Tissue

 1 - Lamellae rings
 2 - Osteon
 3 - Central (Haversian) canal
 4 - Lacuna with osteocyte
 5 - Periosteum with Sharpey's fibers
 6 - Perforating (Volkmann's) canal
 7 - Endosteum lining medullary cavity
 (Note:  canaliculi radiate out from the central canal to the osteocytes in the lacunae)

Note:  these pages are still under construction.

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