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ANTH 5: Physical Anthropology Lab (1 unit)

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Becoming Human
Your Inner Reptile

Your Inner Monkey


Chapter 1:

Science Made Easy

Is Evo Just a Theory?
How does Evo Work?

Nat. Sel. Made Easy

Lab 1:
Basics of Cell Bio*
Meiosis Video
Mitosis Animation
Meiosis Animation

Lab 2:

DNA Structure*
DNA Fingerprinting*
DNA Workshop
From RNA to Proteins

Lab 3:

Intro to MenGen*
P. Squares Explained
Practice Problems I
Practice Problems II
Practice Problems III

Lab 4:

Pedigree Analysis

Genetic Pedigrees

Lab 5:
MicroEvo & PopGen*
Hardy-Weinbg Model

Lab 6:

VertEvo& Taxonomy*
Tetrapod Evolution
Bio Classification I
Bio Classification II
Bio Classification III


Lab 7:

Intro to Primates*

Lab 8:
Human Osteology

Lab 9:

Forensic Anth Intro*

Lab 10:

Lab 11:

Early Hominins*

Finding Lucy

Lab 12:
The Genus Homo*

Early H. sapiens

Final Exam
Study Guide

I currently teach this course Wednesdays 3-6:10pm

Required Textbook:
Exploring Physical Anthropology: A Lab Manual and Workbook (2nd edition) by Suzanne Walker, ISBN 0895826917

Course Description:
This course uses laboratory exercises to explore topics of physical anthropology including forensic anthropology, principles of evolution, human genetics, nonhuman primates, and fossil evidence for human evolution. Students must be concurrently enrolled in Anth 1, or have completed Anth 1 with a grade of "C" or better. Anth 5 meets the IGETC/UC general education science lab requirement.

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