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Behavioral and Social Sciences Department

Human Development 101
Fall 2018

Short Term-Second 8 Weeks!

Section 2512
12:00 p.m. - 2:05 p.m.
4/17 - 6/5
Lloyde Continuation High School
Lawndale, CA

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Human Development 101

Spring 19 - Second 8 Weeks - Section 2512   

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 Nancilyn Burruss, M.S.   (Mrs."B")  

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Hello Ms. Burruss,
I finally got my scholarship and I am so excited about it. This is my first scholarship. And that's thanks to you and making me realize how much opportunities are out there just waiting for us.
There are many things .....
You and your class were the motivation behind it. I've learned so much in your class and I am able to apply everything I've learned in real life! That's amazing!
I thank you so much for that. 
Damla Kocak (fall semester 2017)


Download the Syllabus for Section 2512 here

Important 8 Week Short Semester Dates 

Session Start Date Add Deadline Drop Deadline “W” Deadline Session End Date
April 17 April 23 April 23 May 28

June  5                       



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Download the Homework Schedule as a Word Document here

Download the Course Calendar as a Word Document here
This calendar eliminates the need to buy a planner/calendar for this class

Download the Assignment Management Sheets (Project Management Plans) here
If you wish, you may make a master copy of this with your weekly commitments
and then just fill in the rest on a weekly basis.

Download the Grade Keeper as a Word Document here 

 A visual of the supply list

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Educational Plan Directions: Guidelines & Checklist
This document includes directions for making a counseling appointment. Worksheets must be completed before you make your counseling appointment! 

Download: The Original Six Semester Educational Plan (PowerPoint)

Download: Creating a 6-Semester Ed Plan (Prezi)

The Power Point above is a big file and may take a while to download.  This is a nice visual of what we'll be working on in class.  There are some changes and updates to the form.  I will go over this information in class, but it is good to review it before the lecture and Ed Planning workshop.


The second example on the ed planning worksheet is missing some numbers and is out of sequence. For example Psych 9B might only be offered in the Spring semester. The attached PowerPoint will eventually be updated (or maybe not), but you may use it to help you create your Educational Plan as the general concepts are the same.  Be sure to go to the Student Services Center to pick up the guide sheets for the college you plan to attend and your major, and use the Catalog to help with the courses required for your major.  Remember to do your Ed Plan in pencil and meet with a counselor after you have created a plan on your own! 

USC Articulation for Transfer Students
Use the drop down arrow to find the USC campus you wish to attend; then use the drop down arrow to find El Camino College.
This will compare equivalent classes that count at the USC Campuses.  Check it out!


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Link to the Eureka home page

Fantastic On Course General Information That Links to the Concepts in Our Book!
(Link may be under construction or gone; if it doesn't work, do not worry about it.)

Discover what careers options are available, what you need to get there, salaries and job availability, and ECC students can build a resume!

Online Learning Styles Assessment! Discover how you can be more successful in
school! Print out your results and the solutions to balance your learning style with your
instructor's teaching style.

For more in-depth exploration and explanations, compare your first assessment to this one:

A Little Bit of Fun:

Don't be a victim! :-)

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Illustrations other than mine and ECC taken from the Web
Grand Canyon April 2008/pictures by me
Beach from Etudes teacher site.

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