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Four Students' Comments from ECC's Summer 2008 HD8 class:

"I really liked this class a lot.  It was fun and I got the points. The material was well covered and there was no confusion for me. I thought the idea of the Ed Plan was really good because I needed that.  Although I knew my major and I knew what classes I was going to take, I still found it extremely helpful to map out exactly what I will do each semester so that was very helpful."


"I had a lot of fun in this class. Students who struggle in college or in their life, they must take this class."


"It was my best class in years!!!  My Instructor was so helpful and understanding that I hate that the class is over."


"You have given me an understanding of myself and confidence I knew was there but now I know how to see what I want and where to get it."


Other student comments:

"It's amazing how each assignment pulls you towards your goals.  If you are not sure if you want to take this class, I highly recommend it.  It teaches you strategies to overcome everday obstacles, and not many courses can give you a gift like that."
      Shannon M. : ECC Student ~ Attended Redondo Shores

"I wish I would have taken Human Development 10 my first semester at ECC."
      Todd B. :  Current ECC Student ~ Attended Mira Costa High School

"...Human Development 10 is way more than just another class.  It's something you need for life."
      Monica M. :  Current ECC Student ~ Attended Torrance High School

"Human Development 8 helped me figure out my educational goals and also helped me with time management."
      S.R. :  ECC Student ~ Attended Antelope Valley High School

"Human Development 10 organized my life.  There would be times when I have so much on my plate, but when I apply what I have learned in this class, everything turns out to be so much easier."
      Julie C. :  ECC Student

"Human Development 8 is not a waste of time.  It's an investment."
      J.A. : ECC Student ~ Attended Columbus High School

"It's helped me to balance everthing that's important in my life.  Human Development 10 will move you in the right direction and help you fit into college."
      Louie O. :  ECC Student ~ Attended Torrance High School

"Human Development 8 has taught me how to be organized and keep believing in myself."
      Stephanie A. : ECC Student ~ Attended Carson High School