Computerized Telescope Alignment Instructions









Aligning the Telescope

  1. Power on the telescope.

  2. Press the ALIGN key to begin the aligning process.

  3. Once the hand control displays  “GPS Linked.  Press ENTER to accept the time/site information downloaded the GPS. 

  4. Use the arrow buttons (number 6 & 9) on the hand control to slew (move) the telescope towards any bright celestial object in the sky.

  5. If the finderscope has been properly aligned with the telescope tube, the alignment star should now be visible inside the field of view of the eyepiece.  Center the bright alignment star in the center of the eyepiece and press the ALIGN button.

  6. For the second alignment object, choose a bright star or planet as far as possible from the first alignment object. Once again use the arrow button to center the object in the finderscope and press ENTER.  Then once centered in the eyepiece press the ALIGN button.

  7. Repeat the process for the third alignment star.  When the telescope has been aligned to the final stars, the display will read "Match Confirmed".  Press ENTER to accept these three objects for alignment. You are now ready to find your first object.

There are two ways to select objects from the database: scrolling through the named object lists and entering object numbers.

Finding an Object from the object lists

  1.  Press the LIST key (number 8) on the hand control

  2. Use the Up/Down scroll keys (number 6 & 9) to select one of the following lists: Named Stars, Named Object, Double Stars or Variable Star, then press the ENTER button. 

  3. Use the Up/Down keys to scroll through the catalog to the desired object. When scrolling through a long list of objects, holding down either the Up or Down key will allow you to scroll through the catalog at a rapid speed.

Finding an Object from a catalog

  1. Press any of the catalog keys on the hand control (M, CALD, NGC, or STAR).

  2. Use the numeric key pad to enter the number of any object within these standardized catalogs.  For example, to find the Orion Nebula, press the "M" key and enter "042".

Slewing to an Object

 Once the selected object is displayed on the hand control screen, choose from the following options:

·        Press the INFO Key.  This will give you useful information about the selected object such as R.A. and declination, magnitude size and text information for many of the most popular objects.     

·        Press the ENTER Key.  This will automatically slew the telescope to the coordinates of the object.