Here is a picture of our observing deck.  There are eleven Celestron Cassegrain telescopes that students use, along with several Newtonian relfectors, including a 16-inch one made in the Telescope Making class (Astronomy 13).  The ECC observatory is shown in back, which houses a 16-inch Celestron Cassegrain telescope that students also get to use in the laboratory (Astronomy 12) class.  The deck is about four times what is shown here, with lots of tables and working space.


Here are some students aligning the polar axis of their telescope on the observing deck, next to the observatory dome (of course this works much better with the lights off!).

More students working on their polar alignment...

  Here a student prepares to find her first celestial source for the night, with the crescent moon sparkling in the background.

Come join us!  Learn the constellations and how to use a telescope!  All this and more awaits you in Astronomy 12.