Observing projects, or "labs" represent most of the points in this course.    Each semester, we try to start by learning our way around the sky using only our eyes and then by learning to take a closer look with binoculars.   We then learn to use the telescopes and get a detailed look at many different astronomical objects.

Note that the objects that we observe depends upon which part of the sky is visible during the semester in question, and also where the planets happen to be in their orbits at that time.

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SPRING SEMESTER                                           FALL SEMESTER

Constellation Lab                                                  Constellation Lab

Binary Stars                                                           Binary Stars

Jupiter                                                                    Deep Sky Imaging

Lunar Geology                                                       Lunar Geology

Saturn                                                                    Saturn

Solar Lab                                                               Solar Lab

Star Clusters                                                          Star Clusters

Deep Sky Imaging                                                 Jupiter   

Asteroid Lab                                                         Outer Planets and Asteroid Lab

Lunar Eclipse                                                         Planets and Planetary Nebulae

Mars                                                                     Variable Stars (indoor lab) 

Variable Stars (indoor lab)                                     Mars