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Coach Blount literally grew up playing volleyball. He had no choice because his older brother Mike and father, Earl, were avid players. Hitting and peppering balls at the beach, in the backyard or the living room were common. He graduated from Mira Costa in 1971 played on their Mustangs club team. He attended El Camino from 71-73. Dick transferred to San Diego State University in 1975 and majored in business management and graduated with a BS degree. He earned his Masters Degree in physical education in 2002 from Azusa Pacific University.


Blount spent a number of years coaching in the Manhattan Beach recreation department. He taught hundreds to appreciate and play volleyball. He took over the head-coaching job at Palos Verdes High School turning a dormant team into a contender. After the PV schools merged Blount accepted a position with Mike Cook at Mira Costa and coached the JV & varsity teams for six seasons. His overall match in high school was 87-17.


In 2001, Blount turned around a sputtering El Camino men's team that was 5-11 in his first year and 12-5 his second. Along the way the team placed second in the South Coast Conference and third in the state. His peers voted Blount Co-Coach of the Year that season. He has also worked with the El Camino’s women’s team for the last five seasons. In addition, Blount will once again take over the men’s head coaching duties this spring.   


In the off-season, Blount coaches club teams and beach doubles players. He is on the Board of Directors of Southern California Volleyball Club. Blount is also a founding member of the Professional Coaches of Beach/Sand Volleyball Inc. certified by USA Volleyball. From those contacts and others, he has coached dozens of collegiate and professional beach players from the USA and abroad.


Blount has raced sailboats since 1974 including 25 national and 5 world championship events. He has also been a part of the management teams for another 26 national and 18 world championships including the 1996 Olympics. Hobbies include writing, surfing, sailing, skiing and model aircraft.


Potential El Camino Volleyball Players


Coaches and Players:


I want to invite your graduating players and incoming senior volleyball players to my El Camino College Off-Season Conditioning and Training For Men's Intercollegiate Volleyball. The class is entitled PE 81abc and space is limited starting June 26, 2006.


In addition, I teach a weight training class specifically for volleyball players. The course will improve core strength, endurance, prevent injuries and improve ones vertical jump. This class is titled Weight Training PE 54abcd.

It also starts June 26, 2006.


Our staff will work extensively with the players in position specific drills, physical conditioning, vertical jump and scrimmages against college level players. For those players interested in playing volleyball at ECC these classes are a MUST!  I might add we are looking for dedicated student – athletics at every position for our 2007 team. 


We do have the ability to hold space open for those players with club volleyball commitments through the Junior Olympics. Players must notify me in advance of the club team they represent and be pre-registered in this class. 


I coached high school ball for a number of years at Palos Verdes and at Mira Costa. I was the men’s head coach in 2000 & 2001 at ECC when the men were third in the state and also garnered "Coach of the Year honors for my work. I have been the assistant head coach for the last four years for both the men and the women programs at ECC. In addition, I am a founding member of the Professional Coaches of Beach/Sand Volleyball Inc. certified by USA Volleyball. I have coached dozens of collegiate and professional beach players from the USA and abroad.  I am once again the men’s head coach at ECC.


Class catalogs will be available soon from the ECC Athletic Department or from our Admissions office. For general information please call the school at 310-660-6571. For specific information please call me directly at 310-795-2771. Once again thank you for your support.




June 26, 2006 TH 10:30-12:45

The coaches will evaluate each player as an individual and as a team player.We will improve your skill level, vertical jump,open-hand passing, offense and defensive sets and the game with rally score. We will accomplish this with a multitude of individual and team competitions, drills and scrimmages. 

Class space is limited to 36! The class is open to incoming seniors with your coaches permission, upper level club players, junior Olympians and potential college players.

This is not an intermediate learn to play volleyball class. It is for committed college level

players. We use this class to select potential players for our program. The class does include include several of my past and present players.



June 26, 2006 M/T/W/TH 9:00-10:15


We will improve your vertical jump, build muscle mass, improve your fast twitch responce, increase your cardiovascular capacity, increase flexibility and address diet and nutrician. This will be accomplished with weight machines, plyo balls, plyometrics and other techniques. We will evaluate and measure strength in your arms, legs, and chest.We will also measure your vertical jump weekly. Space is limted to 32 players.


While you're making your college decision take a good look at El Camino College and see what it has to offer in 2006. We have a fabulous honors program that guarentees after completion enrollment into UCLA, USC or any other UC school in California. This is at a fraction of the cost of a straight four-year college. Join our volleyball program and let me help you reach your potential. A number of my former players have gone on to play division one and professional volleyball here and abroad.   


Former El Camino College players who play or played Professional Beach Volleyball   


Ryan Stuntz, Jeremy Simpkins, John Thompson, Josh Cannon, Chad Mallory, Adam Jewell, Nick Hannemann, Mark Paaluhi, Jason Pursley, Doug Foust, Jeff West, Sean Smith, Chris Hanneman, Scott Ayakatubby, Brent Frohoff, Tim Walmer, Kevin Cleary and Steve Obradovich.


El Camino College Men's All Conference Alumni


Chris Schugt 2005 1st Team All Conference

Ryan Hall 2nd Team All Conference

Chris Tegue 2003-4 Honorable Mention

Rob Curran 2003-4 2nd team All Conference

Logan Johnson 2003-4 2nd team All Conference

Matt Belante 2001-02 1st team All Conference Team MVP

Eric Ambler   2001-02 2nd team All Conference 

Tamer George 2000-01 1st team All Conference Team MVP

Ryan Stuntz   2001 2nd Team All Conference

Stewart Solomon 2001 1st Team All Conference

Jeremy Gersen 2000 2nd team All Conference - Team Defensive Player of Year 

Levi Stauffer 98-2000 1st Team All Conference - Team MVP

Kurt Peters 98-99 1st Team All Conference

Adam Jewell 95-97 Association of Volleyball Professionals & FIVB

Thinh Nguyen 95-96 Assistant Coach ECC 97, 98 & 99

Viet Nguyen 95 player Assistant Coach 96 - 98 & 99

Mike Ashenfelter 92-93 1st Team All Conference MVP 92; All Conference 93

Thomas Chaffens 91-92 Head Coach Redondo 96-2001

Nick Hannemann 92 Association of Volleyball Professionals - FIVB (America Samoa)

Joe Goggin 91-92  91 1st Team All Conference 92; 2nd Team All Conference

Eddie Hughs 92 Honorable Mention

Sean Tynen 92 Honorable Mention

Todd Hughs 90-91 Honorable Mention

Mark Paaluhi 90-91 Association of Volleyball Professionals

Jason Pursley 91 2nd Team All Conference 2000; AVP & Assistant Coach 2000

Sean Icaza 90-91 91 1st Team All Conference

Shannon Phillips 91 Honorable Mention

Doug Foust 88 Association of Volleyball Professionals

Jeff West 88 2nd Team all Conference

Kris Jeffery 88 2nd Team all Conference

Ken Wolfson 88 1st Team All Conference

Sean Smith 87 Association of Volleyball Professionals

Cassidy Cowell 87 1st Team All Conference

Chris Hanneman 83 Association of Volleyball Professionals  - FIVB (America Samoa)

Scott Ayakatubby 83 Association of Volleyball Professionals

David Dodd 83 2nd Team all Conference

Don Shaw 82-83 Honorable Mention

Brent Frohoff 82 1st Team All State

Jim Leonard 82 Association of Volleyball Professionals

Rich Rosales 81-82  81 Honorable Mention

Gary Bruckner 81-82 81 1st Team All Metro 82; 1st Team All Metro / Co MVP

Ed Ivedke 81-82  81 1st Team All Metro;  82 1st Team All Metro

Charley Duty 81 Honorable Mention

Vincent Gallimore 81 2nd Team All Metro

Brad Pierce 80-81 80 2nd Team All Metro;  81 1st Team All Metro

Tim Walmer 80 1st Team All Metro

Rob Bates 80 Honorable mention

Bob Poxon 79-80  79 1st Team All Metro   

Don Reynolds 79 MVP Ocean League

Greg Saatkamp 79-80  80  Honorable Mention

Taylor Waters 79-80  79 1st Team All Metro; 80 1st team All Metro

Kevin Cleary 78 Association of Volleyball Professionals

Andy Aitken 78  2nd Team All Metro

Chris Waddell 78   1st Team All Metro;  MVP

Mike Yniguez 78 2nd Team All Metro

Frank Asaro 76-77   77 1st Team All Metro

Jim Golden 76-77  77 MVP Metro;  1st Team All Metro

Mike Pearsall 77  1st Team All Metro

Mark Wellman 77 2nd Team All Metro; 1st Team All State

Bill Hughs 75  1st Team All Metro

Rich Johnson 75 1st Team All Metro; Co - MVP

Malaka Lavatai 74-75 1st Team All Metro

Ron Shimohara 75 Honorable Mention

Mark Wegrich 75  Honorable Mention

Steve Obradovich 74 Association of Volleyball Professionals

Rod Brewster 73 MVP State; 1st team All Metro

Rich Johnson 73 2nd Team All Metro

Glen McIntyre 73 1st Team All Metro

Mike Pierce 73 2nd Team All Metro

Scott Satterfield 73 2nd Team All Metro

Gordie Mahon 69 Assistant Coach ECC women's team 1996-2001


Conference Records


2005  2-14  LeValley Pattison   1995  1-17   Robert Kutsch   1985  No Team              

2004  6-10  LeValley Pattison   1994   ?        Robert Kutsch   1984  No Team            

2003   8-9   LeValley Pattison   1993  11-9   Paul Viggiano     1983  11-9 Pete Field

2002   9-9   LeValley Pattison   1992  13-6   Paul Viggiano     1982  20-4 Pete Field

2001 12-6   Richard Blount       1991   8-8    Paul Viggiano     1981  18-6 Pete Field

2000   5-11 Richard Blount       1990 11-11  Paul Viggiano     1980  15-9 Pete Field

1999  8-8  Robert Kutsch      1989 7-13  Paul Viggiano   1979   12-2  Pat Zartman       

1998 8-10 Robert Kutsch      1988  17-5 Paul Viggiano   1978   17-8    Don Hay      

1997 10-8 Robert Kutsch      1987  10-7  Paul Viggiano   1977 - 70      Don Hay 

1996  8-10 Robert Kutsch     1986  No Team                   1969 - 63      Sue Taylor 


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