Some tips for doing well in ESL 53 B Writing/Grammar (# 6663)

S T A Y O N C O U R S E!

  1. Get organized: get a three ring notebook to store essays, journals articles, handouts etc.; get a package of three hole notebook paper for journal articles; get a 2001 calendar; plan your study schedule and note when homework assignments, essays and projects are due.
  2. Come to class EVERY day.
  3. Be on time.
  4. Be an active participant in class discussions
  5. Turn in assignments on the day they are due.
  6. Write at least a page a day (Copy a few paragraphs from an article. Then read the article that you copied aloud.)
  7. Form study groups
  8. Complete Sentence Skills exercises early
  9. Finish 10 hours of work in the Writing Center
    1. Work on grammar exercises
    2. Participate in grammar workshops
    3. Use the free private tutoring services
  10. Use the tutoring services on the second floor (West Wing) of the Library
  11. Use the ESL Computerized Reading programs (West Wing)
  12. Join extra curricular clubs at El Camino
  13. Make new friends and participate in school activities
  14. Remember, "A successful person is an ordinary person who does extraordinary things." (YOU can choose to be successful