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Math 130 - College Algebra

Math 130
Raymond Ho

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Class Information:

Math 130, Section 0758
MBA 209
6:30 - 7:55 pm TTh

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Course Policies:

  • Course Objectives:

    1. Solve polynomial, rational, radical exponential and logarithmic equations.
    2. Solve quadratic and rational inequalities.
    3. Determine the domain, range, and graph (with transformations) of the following: polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions.
    4. Determine the composition of functions and the inverse of one-to-one functions.
    5. Use the Rational Zero, Remainder, and Factor Theorems and synthetic division to solve polynomial equations.
    6. Solve problems involving arithmetic and geometric sequences and series.
    7. Solve problems involving combinatorics and the Binomial Theorem.
    8. Solve application problems.
    9. Solve problems using a scientific (or graphing) calculator and/or computer algebra systems.
  • Grading/Testing: Minimum percentage for letter grades and scores distribution are as follows:

A: 90% B: 80% C: 65% D: 50% F: Below 50%

Tests: 3 - 450 points

Quizzes: 10 Best - 200 points

Homework: 4 Sets - 100 points

Final Exam: 250 points 

    There will be three one-hour tests and a final exam, all closed-book. A blue book (8½" x 11") is required for each test including the final. Five points will be deducted for not using a blue book each time. No makeup quizzes, tests, and/or final exam under any circumstances. 

    There will be quizzes, either take-home or in-class, throughout the semester (except exam weeks). The ten best scores will be recorded for the final grade. 
    Homework will be assigned on each section and will be collected in four sets and due on each test date. Homework will be graded for completeness. As such, even if you miss and/or show incomplete work on any one problem in an assigned section, you will only receive a maximum of half the allocated credit!  Accuracy is your responsibility. Please use standard (8½" x 11") college rule papers for the homework and make sure the pages tear out neatly and leave no ragged edges! No credit shall be given to late homework. 
    The final exam will be held on Thursday, December 12, from 6:30 to 7:55 p.m. in MBA 209. Final exams will be discarded upon completion of the semester. Arrangement for pick up must be made prior to the final exam.
  • Enrollment

It is your responsibility to make sure that you are officially enrolled in the course through regular registration, level transfer or odd. No grade shall be assigned unless your name is on the final roster even though you may have successfully completed the course.

  • Attendance     

Regular attendance is expected of every student. A student may be dropped from class when absences from class exceed the number of units (3) assigned to the course. That means two absences since this class format is twice a week which is equivalent to three one-hour class meetings.  This rule also applies to excessive absences due to illness or medical treatment.

  • Withdrawal   

It is your responsibility to process an official withdrawal from class either at the admissions, cashier’s office or on-line should you decide not attending the class anymore. Failure to do so may result in an "F" grade. The last day to drop with a "W" grade is Friday, November 15. 

  • Academic Honesty  
    Cheating on homework, quizzes or exams will result in a zero for that assignment, an "F" in the class, academic probation or suspension from the college.  Please review the Standards of Student Conduct on page 25-27 of the El Camino College 2013-2014 Catalog. You are expected to do your own work.

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  • Topics covered in this course include linear and quadratic equations and inequalities; polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions and their graphs; sequences and series, Combinatorics, and the Binomial Theory.

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Course Material:

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Online Resources:

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