Richard Mascolo, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology, El Camino College

May 3, 2016

A note to Students who attended one or both of the Psychology Careers Presentations: Several students asked about suggested readings, and I promised to  provide a couple here on my webpage. Which I did. But now I don't see them and must concluded I did not properly save my work -- but I will get that list posted in teh next 24 hours. I even bought a couple of editions to put on reserve at the library.

Welcome Summer Students!

Psych 7 Online Registered Students (Sections 4194 & 4195):

Class starts June 20, but you must sign on to the Etudes website during the week before.  I'll have your Etudes site up and running about a week before the start date, and I will send emails to all registered student.

Psych 7 Online Students Looking to Add:

ECC has just added a second online section (4194) -- so if you were not initially able to register for the online section, check again!

Psych 15 On Campus Students Looking to Add:

This course is open! C'mon in and I'll share stories from my 30+ years of clinical experience working with patients, including those diagnosed with Psychotic Disorders, Neurological Disorders, Chronic Pain, and Sexual Paraphilias. 


Psych 9B Downloads

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Psych 15 Downloads

Psych 15 Course Syllabus

Mental Status Exam 

DSM Changes IV to 5 
























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