Richard Mascolo, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology, El Camino College

January 18, 2016

Welcome Spring Students!

Psych 7 Online Registered Students (Sections 4196 & 4197):

Your Etudes websites are now up & running, I've sent ECC emails to all registered students.  When you first log on to your MyEtudes website; there'll be an Announcement waiting for you. Your first task is to read carefully the Course Syllabus; you need to click on a box next to the statement affirming you have read the syllabus and agree to its terms -- only then are you successfully registered in the Course. This must be accomplished by Thursday, January 21st. Registered students who do not meet this deadline may be dropped from the course and replaced by students waiting to add.   

Psych 7 Online Students Looking to Add:

Please continue to check this site for add updates.  Registered students who do not meet the deadline detailed above may be dropped, and then I'll be able to add students, first from the ECC Waitlist. I'll email students individually at that point, so keep checking your ECC email!

Psych 7 On Campus & Psych 9B Students Looking to Add:

You can come to class meetings, but you must leave seating for the students who are registered.  You should also check this Webboard and your ECC email for add updates.  

Psych 15 On Campus Students Looking to Add:

As of today, this course is open! C'mon in and I'll share stories from my 30+ years of clinical experience working with patients, including those diagnosed with Psychotic Disorders, Neurological Disorders, Chronic Pain, and Sexual Paraphilias. 

Psych 7 On Campus Downloads 

Psych 7 On campus Course Syllabus

Psych 7 Mascolo Course Notes Ch 1_2

Psych 7 Mascolo Course Notes Ch 3

Psych 7 Mascolo Course Notes Ch 4

Psych 7 Mascolo Course Notes Ch6_7

Psych 7 Mascolo Course Notes Ch 9 

All future Psych 7 Course Notes are available on our Etudes Website


Psych 9B Downloads

Psych 9B Course Syllabus







Psych 15 Downloads

Psych 15 Course Syllabus

Mental Status Exam 

DSM Changes IV to 5 
























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