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Class Information:

Summer 2014

Image of instructor Rajinder Sidhu

Anat-30, Section 9811
Room: MS 128
Lecture: M, T. W  1:00  -  2:15 pm

Lab: M, T, W, Th 2:30 - 5:40pm



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Course Policies:

Click the link to download syllabus for Anat-30-9811


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Class Schedule:

Click the link to download lecture / lab schedule for Anat-30-9811.

Lecture/Lab Schedule       

Text book and lab manual information for Summer 2014

Text Book: Hole’s Essentials of anatomy and Physiology 11th Ed.                                                               McGraw Hill Publishing Co., Inc. by Shier, David. ISBN: 0077338855

Lab Manual:

                      Hole’s Essentials of anatomy and Physiology 11th Ed
Shier David,   Edited by Terry Martin. ISBN: 0077338871

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Practice Quiz 1

Lab 1

Recaps chapter 6 Skeletal System

Recap 1 chapter 7 Muscles  Recap 2 Chapter 7 Muscles

Recap Nervous System

Recap Special Senses

Recap Endocrine System 

Recap Blood  

Recap Blood Vessels

Recap Lymphatic System 

Recap Respiratory System Chap15     

Recap Digestive system Chap 16   

Blood Vessels Labeled Image

  1. Recap Urinary System
  2. Recap Reproductive System

Recap Development and Heredity Chap20  


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Course Material:

Study Guides

Model Images      

Male Reproductive 1     Male Reproductive 2  

Female Reproductive 1    Female Reproductive 2

Lecture Lab Exam 3     

Heart Models Labeled      

Brain Model 1   

Knee Model 1    Knee Model 2         

Neuron Model  

Labeled Images of Muscles 

Head and Neck      Torso Ant      Torso Post      Arm Ant     Arm Post     Leg Ant-Post

Leg Lateral      Leg Medial      

Bone Model      


Cell     Mitosis      

Important Links For Anatomy    

Anat-30-1002 Sp13 

Reproductive System and Development    

Urinary System Chap 17  

Nutrition and Metabolism Chap   including recaps 



Quiz 22 covers recaps of female reproductive system and underlined words in human development.

Human Development         

Model images

Male Reproductive 1     Male Reproductive 2  

Female Reproductive 1    Female Reproductive 

Reproductive System    lecture notes with recap  

Urinary System         

Respiratory System    

Digestive System    

Blood Vessels    Lymphatic System       


Heart including recaps    Models of Heart            

Blood   Updated with recaps 

Endocrine System Updated 

Ear Model 1 

General and Special Senses  Eye Dissection Parts    

Recap Special Senses Chap10

Sheep Brain Dissection             

Brain, Nerves and ANS     Brain Model    Spinal Cord Model        

Brain Model Images       Recap 3 and 4 Nervous System            

Lab Exam 2  

Lecture Exam 2    All materials updated for lecture exam 2.

Nervous System Lecture Slides   Recap 1-2 Nervous System      

Neuron Model       

Muscles Upper Extremity Ant     Muscles Upper Extremity Post     

Knee Model     Neuromuscular Junction Model    Muscles lower extremity     

Dark Torso Head     Light Sagittal Head      Dark Torso Ant     

Muscle Sheet Updated       

Muscular System Chapter 8 with recaps  

Skeletal System Updated Chapter 7   With recaps       Compact Bone Model

Lecture Exam 1 covers study guides uploaded below:

Lecture 6 Integumentary System     Skin Labeled

Tissues Updated Chap5    Tissue Slides       Tissue Slides 4 per sheet    

Models of Tissues            

Cellular Metabolism Chap4        

Cell, Mitosis and Cell Membrane Transport     Models of Mitosis         Labeled Cell Model   

Chemical Basis of Life Chap2    Torso 1     Torso 2      Torso 3      Torso 4       

Lecture 1 slides             Microscope Parts    

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Online Resources: (list related websites as links)






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