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PHYO-31: Human Physiology -  Rajinder Sidhu

Rajinder Sidhu

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Class Information:

Phyo-31, Section 1701

Room: NATS123 Professor Rajinder Sidhu

FRI Lec: 8:10 am - 10:05 am; Lab: 10:15am-4:45pm

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Course Policies:

1. Text Book on Human Physiology by Silverthorn 6e.           Required textbook.

2. Lab Manual on A and P by Marieb, Mitchell and Smith 10e. Required textbook.

If you already have an older edition of lab manual you used for Anat-32 it is good.


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Class Schedule  


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List assignments here.

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Course Materials:

Lab Exam 4    

Physiology of Reproduction and Development         

Physiology of Digestive System       Urinary Physiology      

Respiratory Physiology      

Cardiovascular Physiology and Immune System       

Sensory Physiology     

Lab Exam 3     

Immune System      Cardiovascular Physiology      

Lecture Exam 2        


Neurophysiology Lab      Endocrine System Lab      Muscle Physilogy Lab          

Muscle Physiology Chap12      

Lab Exam 1        Topics and Hints 3     Lecture Notes 3      Lecture Notes 4               

Topics and Hints 2          We will discuss these in class.

Lecture 2 Cells and Tissues Chap3       Energy and Enzymes       Metabolism 1          

Lecture 2 Chemistry

Lecture 1 Topics      Lecture Notes 1       Lecture Notes 2       

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Online Resources: (list related websites as links)

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
The Getty Center

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