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Biol10-Fundamentals of Biology

Rajinder Sidhu

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Professor Rajinder SidhuClass Information:

Biol10, Section 1084

Room: NATS129

Tue/Thu 9:30 am - 10:55 am - Lecture Class

Tue/Thu 11:05am - 12:30pm - Lab




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Course Policies:for Fall2013

Click the pdf link below to download Textbook information, course policies including grading:

Syllabus Course Policies Fall 13

You can download up to date pdf files of Syllabus (above) and class schedule (below) 

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Syllabus:I'll modify the links below as soon as lab schdule is available to me.

Click the pdf link below to download the tentative class schedule for your class.

Lecture Lab Schedule  Fall 13 


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Recap Plant Structure Chapter 32 

Table Animal Kingdom

Recap Nervous System 1-2 

Recap Reproduction and Development  


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Course Material:

Study Guides For Biol-10-1084 fall13

Study Guide Phylum Chordata    

Download Table Animal Kingdom above under <assignments> and study Arthropoda and Echinodermata. 

Lecture Exam 4      

Quiz 19 covers the recap on Ecosystem.

I posted your up to date grades in college portal. Log into ecc portal, click on this class and you should see grade-book in it.You may have to click on next page 2 times to see all your scores. Bring any anomalies to my notice in class.

Lecture Exam 3

Quiz 15 covers the lab and recap on Fungi. This quiz is near the end of lab. 

Quiz 14 on 9:30am Tuesday, 10/29/13, also includes recap on bacteria and questions about forms of bacteria from lab manual. 

Study Guides For Biol-10-1080

Recap Plant Structure     Recap Populations and Communities   

Bacteria, Protista and Fungi    

Lecture Exam 2    

DNA and Protein Synthesis Chap 14-15    

Cellular Respiration chap 9

Photosynthesis Chap 6 Chap 9 in your book

Cell Division Chap 8 and 9  Mitosis Chap 10 in your book  

Lecture Exam 1   

Transport Across Cell Membrane Chap 7    with recap and some modifications

Quiz 1

Chemistry of Life Chap 5   

Chap6 Cells   

Chap1 Diversity of Life

Study Guides of Earlier Semesters

Quiz 16  

Reproduction and Development   Chap 33

Nervous System and Hormones   Chap 29 and 30

Quiz 15   

Homeostasis and Urinary System and Body Defenses   Chap 26 and Chap 32

Quiz 14   

Digestive System and Nutrition  Chap 27 

Respiratory System  Chap 28 

Quiz 13   

Kingdom Animals   

Circulatory System  Chap 28 

Animal Body   Chap 26 

Lecture Exam 4  

Evolution   Chap 17

Quiz 12  

Quiz 11   

Plant Structure and Reproduction  Chap 35-36

Quiz 10  


Kingdom Plants   Chap 3

Lecture Exam 3    

Protista and Fungi  Main Groups in Protista Table   Chap 3  

Taxonomy and Bacteria     Chap 2

Quiz 9   

Quiz 8   

Populations, Communities, Ecosystems   Chap 22-24  

New Biology  Chap 16

Quiz 7   

Foundations of Genetics Chap 10   Includes recaps 


Lecture Exam 2   

DNA and Protein Synthesis Chap 14 and 15   

Quiz 6   

Cell Division  Chap 10

Quiz 5     

Quiz 4   

Energy and Enzymes Chap 8   

Cell Respiration   Chap 9

Photosynthesis  Chap 9


Lecture Exam 1   I modified this study guide

Transport Across Cell Membrane  Chap 7 

Quiz 3   

Chemistry of Molecules  Chap 5 

Quiz 2  

Cells  Chap 6

Quiz 1  

Chemistry of Life Chap 5

The Science of Biology Chap 1


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Online Resources: (list related websites as links)


Exhibits extinct Ice Age plants and animals. Includes hours and admission rates, FAQs, and directions to the location in Los Angeles.

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