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R. Chris WellsEmail: rwells@elcamino.edu

Office Phone: 310-660- 3593 Ex3723

Office: Music 132A                         

Classroom: Music 207










To be in compliance with the curriculum all Communication Studies 1 students are required to attend two speech labs.

Campus events that fulfill this requirement are as follows:

Diana Crossman, 12/27/13 Campus Theatre 1:00 pm

Speakers Fourm Event:

Forensics Team, 12/30/10 Campus Theare 1:00 pm

The price of tickets is $10 if purchased the week prior to the event.  On the day of the event, the price is $15.

Winter 2013

COMS 1 5700  Public Speaking 8:00 am

COMS 1 5703  Public Speaking 10:30 AM

 Spring  2013

COMS-1-5720 Public Speaking T TH 7:45-9:10 Music 207

COMS-1-5734 Public Speaking T TH 9:30-10:55 Music 207

COMS-1-5746 Public Speaking T TH 11:15-12:40 Music 207

COMS-3-5829 Small Group Communication MW 7:45-9:10 Music 207

COMS-3-5831 Small Group Communication MW 9:30-10:55 Music 207

COMS-3-5833 Small Group Communication MW 11:15-12:40 Music 207


Office Hours

7:15-7:45 & 12:45-1:15 MTWTH Music 132A &/or Music 207A













American Rhetoric

Chanaging Minds

Communication Models

Military Leadership

Pacific Southwest Collegiate Forensics Association

Speaking & Listening



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