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This is the end of normalcy for you.  You are now heading into that non-space between the real and the unreal known as The Lunatic Fringe.  This is the place where writing is our friend, where the well-turned phrase is the most precious thing ever created.  Scribed above the gates leading to the infernal regions are the words, Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!  As with those nether regions that Dante so gloriously reveals in his Inferno, here at The Lunatic Fringe you have no hope of avoiding pristine prose.  Your only wish here will be for proper conjugation and subjugation of clauses.  From here on out, grammar shall be your only master.  Give yourself up to the power of syntax and diction.  You have no choice but to submit to the will of The Lunatic Fringe.     

Welcome to The Lunatic Fringe!  This web is designed for use by El Camino College students currently enrolled in Sean M. Donnell's English classes.  Within the following pages, you will find reference to several English courses offered, daily schedules of reading and writing activities for each class, specific writing assignments also organized according to class, and other important information relating to either the instructor or the courses he offers.  

This web is also designed to facilitate students' reading and writing experiences by providing some insightful information regarding English composition and literature, and by linking to helpful English-related web pages.

If you are currently a student of Sean M. Donnell's, you will find invaluable information here.  If you are not a current student, feel free to browse and enjoy yourself within these pages.  Perhaps you may find a tiny spot of joy while examining the terrible beauty of the English sublime.  

But be warned!  Beware the inexorable pull of this domain.  If you stay within these pages too long, you may become a bibliophile, and then never shall you be your own person again.  You shall remain a prisoner forever, trapped within The Lunatic Fringe!  


Instructor: Sean M. Donnell

Office: HUM 321E

Phone: (310) 660-3593  x3187



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