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Chemsitry 1B Section 1246

Chem 103
Tue-Thur 6:00pm - 8:30PM
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My Thoughts in Taking Chemistry 

For many students, the simple thought of taking chemistry can be stressful. Most of the stress can be traced to a student’s bad experience in high school or from a friend’s experience. This stress contributes to a student’s preconceived notion that learning chemistry will be unpleasant and the course is simply something to be endured to fulfill a major requirement. This unfortunate experience causes students to begin their chemistry coursework with fear and a foreboding attitude. The good news is that I empathize with this feeling and I can help students overcome this feeling. I had this exact experience early in my schooling. I did poorly in chemistry due to these exact preconceived thoughts. After some time, I concluded that my peer’s opinion regarding the difficulty of a class or if an instructor was bad was irrelevant. My performance was solely up to me. My approach was to keep a positive attitude no matter how difficult the material was. I thought that if I devoted more time to difficult materials, I would do well and succeed. It worked and I excelled! All students taking chemistry have the potential to excel in this class. Your confidence and positive attitude will be your determining factors. Chemistry is no more challenging than other classes. If you dedicate the time needed for this class, I will be here to ensure that you will do well.

My goal as an instructor is to help you succeed in your studies and reach your career aspirations. My wish is to make your experience interesting and rewarding.


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