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Fall 2013 First Class Saturday October 19th

>RE-11 Section 3767 - Saturdays 9AM-5PM

Day goes by quickly! We have several breaks and lunch period.  It is a concentrated 8 weeks. 

You must attend first day of class or possibly be dropped from the course!  If you are not registered or on waitlist, show up first day anyhow, there is a chance you can add.

Weekly lecture/slides will be posted on line along with other materials, resources, quizzes and assignments.  See instructions below for internet access to: myEtudes.org

Course Syllabus-Click Here

Course Activity Schedule/Calendar Click Here

First day temporary course materials. Click Here

Also available at:  myEtudes.org  

You must be registered for the course to access Etudes. How:

Go to myEtudes.org

  • Click the tab at the top:
  • ECC RE 11 3767 VD F13
  • Your user name is your El Camino ID# and your password is your birthdate month & day, 4 characters MMdd.
  • eTudes Instruction video click here:
  • http://www.elcamino.edu/library/distance-ed/etudes.asp

    Where is class?: Math-Business-Allied Health Building Room 107   across from campus police near corner Crenshaw & Redondo Beach Blvd.

      campus map http://www.elcamino.edu/about/directions.asp 

    2 Required Text Books :  Buy Before Class


             Author:HUBER  Edition:13TH  Year:2011

    2. Study Guide for Californial Real Estate Principles (ISBN:9782115322222)

             Author:ANDERSON  Edition:3RD   Year:2012

    2 Text Books available at El Camino Book Store. http://elcamino.collegestoreonline.com


    Phone Number:  310-660-3380 Please call to verify hours !!!

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    Weekly Chapter Lecture Slides  ENABLED Weekly    FOR YOUR ONLINE CONVENIENCE AND REVIEW AND ARE NOT INTENDED AS A SUBSTITUE FOR ATTENDING CLASS LIVE LECTURE. Quizzes are found in the Study Guide purchased at the bookstore.

     Week #1 Study Guide Chapter Slides - Posted Week of Class

    >First Class - Course & Instructor Intro & Text Info

    NOTE: Slides are now in PDF format at myeTudes.org

    > RE11 Chapter 1    -     Study Guide Quiz due   

    > RE11 Chapter 15    -    Study Guide Quiz due    

    > RE11 Chapter 2 Part I    -  Study Guide Quiz due    

    > RE11 Chapter 2 Part II   -  Study Guide Quiz due  - 

    > How to Read a Plat Map Illustration  

    optional Extra Credit  Plat Map Assignment ( for 20 pt extra credit if submitted by   

     Week #2 Study Guide Chapter Slides

    > RE11 Chapter 3 - Study Guide Quiz due  -      

    > RE11 Chapter 4 - Study Guide    Quiz due -    Quiz due  -  

    > RE11 Chapter 5 -  Study Guide MATH Quiz due  To Be Announced

    > RE11 Chapter 6 - Study Guide Quiz due     

    >RE11 Chapter 7 - Study Guide Quiz due    - 

    >RE11 Chapter 8 - Study Guide Quiz due   

    >RE11 Chapter 10 - Study Guide Quiz due  -   

    >RE11 Chapter 11 - Study Guide Quiz due  -   

    >>50 Point Midterm  Assignment to be posted

    Midterm Exam Prep Slides .  Midterm Exam   in class closed book.

    Info - Title Insurance Policy Comparison Chart


    >>RE11 Chapter 9 - Study Guide Quiz -   

    >RE11 Chapter 12   -Study Guide Quiz -    

    >RE11 Chapter 13   - Study Guide Quiz -   

    >RE11 Chapter 14   - Study Guide Quiz -   

    > Final Exam Review Slides



    Online Resources: (list related websites as links)

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