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Law 95 abcd - Cooperative Career Education

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Class Information:

It is your responsibility to set up the 1st meeting with the instructor and the 2nd meeting with the instructor and your supervisor.  Plan these meetings with advance notice.

Required Hours during the Semester:

                       Paid Positions                  Unpaid Positions

3 units             225 hours                             180 hours

4 units             300 hours                             240 hours

Documents to Complete After Approval.  Return all completed documents to Dr. Pham by the second week of the semester.

1.  Training Plan:  Plan 3 substantive and measurable learning objectives, discuss with your supervisor, and return to the instructor. Objectives must be approved by both your supervisor and the instructor.

2.  Non-Discrimination Statement

3.  Employer Conference Report: After reviewing objectives with your supervisor, they should complete the first conference report (page 1). 


Course Material:

Monthly Time and Progress Reports are due on the seventh of each month.  They must be signed by your supervisor.


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