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All scholarships must be activated for use in the upcoming Fall semester.  Scholarships pay for tuition, books, fees, required educational materials listed on official course syllabi and specific non-syllabi supplies (an Educational Supplies List is available in the Scholarship office). Scholarship funds do not cover expenses prior to your award year.

Please read and complete the list below prior to activating your scholarship:

                  a.      Come into the Scholarship office, Communications Bldg., Room 206 to activate your scholarship.
                  b.      An official registration statement from the cashier's office is required and mandatory for all transactions.            
                  c.      DO NOT PAY YOUR FEES - request the Scholarship office to make those payments.

 2.      BOOK LIST 
                  a.      A book List must be completed to receive a Book Voucher for use at the ECC Bookstore
                           (book vouchers are not replaceable if lost).
                  b.      List NEW book prices only.
                  c.      After the second week of school you must present a registration statement AND syllabus for a book voucher.

 3.      SCHOLARSHIP MANAGEMENT AND DISBURSEMENT FORM (print and sign your name and initial where indicated)


Your registration statement must include all fees you are requesting your scholarship to pay: TUITION, PARKING PERMIT, ASB, STUDENT REPRESENTATION and/or HEALTH FEES

  • PLEASE NOTE:  Scholarship students are put on a “No-Drop List” and will not be dropped from classes for non-payment of fees; these payments will post after the Last Day to Add or Drop date.
  • If you paid your fees online the online confirmation print out from the Cashier’s office is acceptable for reimbursements. 
  • An original receipt or Payment Statement from the Cashier’s office are also accepted for reimbursements.             

It is your responsibility to fully understand the requirements of your scholarship.   If you have any questions, please contact the scholarship office at (310) 660-6541.      

Book List Form

Scholarship Management and Disbursement Form

Donor Thank you Letter Instructions

Educational Supply List


Last Published 7/26/17