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Annual Scholarships

Annual scholarships are supported through contributions from individuals and corporations in the community.  The type of scholarship and the award may vary from year to year.  Scholarships can be established specific to the students they are meant to serve and provide support for students with tuition, fees, textbooks and required supplies.  There are many annual scholarships currently in place for which your support can be added.  

If you are interested in supporting one of these scholarships or would like information about establishing a new scholarship, please contact Andrea Sala, Foundation Executive Director at (310) 660-6040 or

AAUW Scholarship   Cynthia & Charles Marquis Noreen Noel Scholarship
ABS Foundation Scholarship   Dr. Christopher J. Mello Memorial Scholarship for Music
AGS Scholarship   Robert McKinnon Memorial Scholarship
Marilyn & Austin Anderson Scholarship for Teachers   Julius Summer Miller Scholarship
Howard M. Banks Scholarship   Kinder Morgan Women in Industry & Technology Scholarship
Barth Family Scholarship   Eva Murdock Scholarship
Joy Bender Memorial Scholarship   Music Faculty Scholarship
Wayne and Margaret Bemis Scholarship   Neptunian Women's Scholarship
Marian McCandless Buck Memorial P.E.O. Scholarship   Noreen Noel Memorial Scholarship for Nursing
Grace Elizabeth Karmen Brown Scholarship   Lila North Scholarship
Robert and Christa Caban Family Scholarship   Hedley Nosworthy Memorial Scholarship
CIS STEM Scholarship   Dr. Elizabeth Oberstein Scholarship
Corine Sylvia Carmon Memorial Scholarship   Bernard Osher Scholarship
Dr. Howard P. Charman Scholarship   Carmen Perry Scholarship
Mina Colunga Scholarship   J. G. Pelka Memorial Scholarship
Jolene Combs Memorial Journalism Scholarship   Marilyn T. Pore Scholarship
Andrew Reed Cummings Memorial Scholarship   Real Estate Scholarship
Chief Michael D'Amico Memorial Scholarship   Riviera Garden Scholarship
Dominico and Annina Dalessio Memorial Scholarship   Barbara Riser Scholarship
Stanley Dunn Scholarship   Scholarship for Nursing Success
Frank Ego Memorial Scholarship   Scholarship for Student Success
Encore Capital Community College Scholarship   Bert Scott Endowed Scholarship
Engelbart Memorial Music Scholarship   SME Foundation Scholarship
Ethical Actions Scholarship   The Horace Simmons Memorial Scholarship
Federation Scholarship   Merl Sloan Memorial Scholarship
Joel Finer Scholarship   Dave Snowden Memorial Scholarship
First Year Experience Scholarship   Southern California Kaiser Permanente Scholarship
Freshman Aquatics Scholarship   Ray Southstone Scholarship
Dr. Waldo Ford Scholarship   The Jessie Steensma Endowment Scholarship
Eileen Garnreiter Memorial Scholarship   Stoeckle Scholarship
Dan Giles Memorial Global Peace Scholarship    Les Thomas Memorial Scholarship
Jane Skinner Hardester Music Scholarship   Charles E. Thompson Jr. Memorial Business Scholarship
Robert H. Hesse Memorial Scholarship   Torrance Rotary Scholarship
Michael & Margaret Hirsch Scholarship   Dr. John Tyo Memorial Scholarship
Paul Ichino Scholarship   Vakil-Jessop Family Scholarship
Jewelry, Metalsmithing & Lapidary Scholarship   Norm Verry Athletic Scholarship
Sgt. Kirk Johnston Memorial Scholarship   Lorrie and Ted Wegrich Memorial Scholarship
Joy Karr Memorial Scholarship   Don Visintainer Radiology Technology Scholarship
Norman Kayser Memorial Scholarship Endowment for the Arts   Stanley F. Wilson Scholarship
Rudy Kroon Scholarship   Tom Wilson Physics Scholarship
Annie Kesslen Scholarship   Dr. Harold Wolpert Scholarship
L.A. Young Memorial Scholarship for Architecture   Young Furniture Associates Scholarship
Leonard Family Machine Tool Scholarship    
Manhattan Beach Rotary Scholarship     
Dr. Henry Mansfield Jr. Memorial Scholarship     

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Phone: (310) 660-3683

Last Published 9/19/16