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STEM Excellence Initiative

El Camino College STEM Education brochure 

Building Partnerships for the Future brochure


STEM Excellence Fund

We invite you to partner with us to strengthen and enhance the many STEM education programs and opportunities we offer students as they explore, excel, transfer and graduate to take their places in STEM fields and careers critical to the needs of our community and workforce. Ongoing expenses and changing technology make STEM programs expensive to sustain.  Your donations will help:
  • Maintain and preserve equipment in all fields of science, technology, robotics, automation and engineering
  • Update and replace laboratory equipment
  • Enhance STEM curriculum and increase training to keep up to date on current trends
  • Provide outreach in STEM disciplines to K-12 schools in our local area to create a pathway to El Camino College

STEM Endowment Fund

The Endowment for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Student Support Services was created to fund programs and projects that directly support students pursuing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) certificates, degrees, or transfer plans.  Earnings from the endowment will be used to support projects that directly support STEM students at El Camino College which may include:
  • STEM equipment (new and replacement) and associated installation and structural modification costs
  • STEM technology upgrades, hardware, and software and associated installation or training costs
  • STEM events on campus, such as summer institutes, conferences and speaker series, associated training costs for faculty and staff
  • STEM student events off campus such as conferences and associated registration, travel, food, and accommodation costs

Thank you to these generous donors for your gift to the STEM Excellence Initiative


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              Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gomez          Dr. and Mrs. Donald Brann          Pelland Trust    
  Mr. David Schmidt   Mr. and Mrs. Edward Poplawski   Ms. Alice D. O'Leary  
  Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Fitzpatrick   Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Thompson   Mr. and Mrs. Albert Danial  
  Mr. Donald Goldberg   Mr. Arturo Hernandez   Mr. Warren Webb  
  Ms. Aldona Avezienis   Torrance Elks Lodge 1948   Mr. Douglas Albrecht  
  Mr. and Mrs. Lauriston Wah   Ms. Cynthia de Nuno   Ms. Kerry Bossin  
  Ms. Jane Y. Oyama   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Petersen   Mr. Daniel Tam  
  Mr. Joseph Duke   Mr. Raymond Billig