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Angeles-Recio, Odinah Evaluation Specialist
Arthur, Michelle Director, Student Support Services
Barrueta, Luis Coordinator, Supplemental Instruction (SI)
Curry, Keith  CEO, Compton Center 
Garcia, William Dean, Student Support Services
Director, Graduation Initiative
Graff, Irene  Director, Research and Planning
Kline, Matthew Learning Team Faculty Lead, Humanities
Leinen, Sarah Coordinator, Reading Success Center (RSC)
Lew, Thomas Dean, Humanities
Martin, Eboni Research Associate
Martinez, Arturo Learning Team Faculty Lead, Mathematical Sciences
Mosqueda, Cynthia Coordinator, First Year Experience (FYE)
Mulrooney, William Director, Admissions and Records
Newbury, Inna Humanities Faculty
Nieto, Esperanza Assistant Director, Admissions and Records
Nishime, Jeanie Vice President, Student and Community Advancement
Parnock, Heather Publication Supervisor, Community Relations
Patel, Dipte Dean, Counseling and Student Success
Quinones-Perez, Margaret Counseling Team Faculty Lead
Rapp, Virginia Dean, Business
Reyes, Idania Director, Student Equity Program
Schwartz, Elizabeth Coordinator, Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)
Sims, Jackie Dean, Mathematical Sciences
Wang, Lisa Research Associate
Last Published 12/21/16