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Welcome to Canvas!

All Summer 2018 active sections have Canvas sites.
If your site is not on Canvas, it may be listed as "pending" or may have been cancelled.
Please email me directly if you DO NOT see your section on Canvas.
Please note: you may need to click "All Courses" on the left side navigation menu.

Canvas Login Instructions

How you and your students will log into Canvas?
You can always refer to the following web site:

STEP 1: Go to

STEP 2: Your User ID is the first part of you ECC mail address. DO NOT Put ""


STEP 3: Password is the same as the one used to log into MyECC.

Special requests in Canvas:
For site combinations (putting two sections of a course in one Canvas site) please fill out this form with the relevant information:

To add additional faculty, fake students, or anything else you can think of, please email Gema Perez directly.. She can add users into your courses in one of three roles: observer, teacher assistant, teacher.

Student Enrollments
Students will be upload as soon as they can register, and removed from the course when they drop the section.

Students contacting ECC Distance Ed help desk and/or the Canvas help desk for course content not functioning: Neither Distance Ed nor Canvas can go into your course to fix items that your students have issues with, such as like power points or PDF, without consent directly from you. I have posted the student guides in the dash board for assistance. Unfortunately, this message does not appear on the mobile app.

Canvas export/import, please follow the links
To export Canvas content out of the "Free" Canvas site:
How to import the export you just created:
How to roll over content from one term to another within ECC Canvas instance:
To Export Etudes content into Canvas, please email Gema Perez to make an appointment.

You still need to be trained to teach online! Email Gema Perez for more information.

Canvas integrations:

3C Media (attachment) for further details: 3C Media Solutions offers system-wide digital storage of videos and files and provides on-demand video streaming and video conferencing services to the faculty, staff, and administrators of the 114 campuses in the California Community Colleges System.

The 3C Media LTI was created to provide an instructor the ability to access their 3C Media Solutions’ media library directly from within Canvas, and insert that media into their course/s. It’s worth noting that the media in an instructors account can be accessed via two ways: 1) from within Canvas using the 3C Media LTI, as detailed in this document, or 2) from the 3C Media Solutions website. The media presented will be the same regardless of which way it is accessed.

Captioning through the 3C Media LTI: In partnership with the DECT Captioning Grant, 3C Media Solutions provides instructors the ability to request Closed Captioning for their instructional videos. This is possible either directly from the instructor’s 3C Media account of from within the 3C Media Canvas LTI. To request captions within the LTI, click on the wrench icon, select “captions”, fill out, and submit the form. The caption file will automatically be added to the media (usually within 5 working days) and available from the instructor’s 3C Media account, (both direct and via the Canvas LTI). Please note: Due to funding restrictions, we cannot support captioning of YouTube videos. In order to submit for captions thru 3C Media Solutions, you will need to be the owner of the media, upload the media to your 3C account and then request captions.

CCC Confer/ConferZoom: see attachment for further details

Confer/Zoom has now been integrated with Canvas. You can chat visually with your students. Instructors are required to have a ConferZoom account before using the ConferZoom in Canvas.  Sign up for an account at , then respond to the activation email to complete the process.  LTI User Guide for CCC Confer ConferZoom.

 Publisher integrations and your online ECC help desk 

Publisher intergrations can be enabled within the your course site, under settings menu, in the "Navagation" tab. If you need assistance, please contact Gema Perez , and she will be happy to assist you!

Nether the ECC Online helpdesk, nor Gema Perez, nor the ITS Helpdesk can assist your students if they have issues with the publisher code, login, or other publisher applications which are integrated within Canvas. Students need to contact the publisher help desk for assistance. We don’t get any information, no keys, class codes, or other information to assist students. We cannot override or alter any account information that a student needs, has to pay for, or acquire in order to use the publisher site within or out of Canvas. Suggested best practice: Have on your syllabus or a module dedicated to publisher information for your students!

Turnitin and Canvas:

Please note the following— There are some issues with the integration between TurnItIn and Canvas. 

We cannot repair these problems locally, but will need to wait for TurnItIn and Canvas to work together to resolve them. 

In the meantime, here's some advice:

  1. Request that your students do NOT submit assignments that use TurnItIn through the smartphone app.
  2. If you need to change the due date for an assignment that uses TurnItIn, you must change it in Canvas AND you must log into TurnItIn and also change it through the TurnItIn dashboard.
  3. Have students submit assignments as attachments, rather than having them type their work into the textbox.

Quick and dirty guide to Turnitin assignment creation Click here


Because of the increased usage of NetTutor, we are now limiting its availability in an effort to target the times when online students may be most likely to use it (as opposed to face-to-face students who can also use on campus tutoring).  We are looking for ways to make sure that tutoring is fully available to online students and that its use is equitably distributed between classes and students.

Here are the current limitations on NetTutor usage:

  1. Each student is limited to 4 hours of tutoring time per semester (this includes the time tutors spend reviewing papers)
  2.  Students can access NetTutor week nights (M-Th 5pm-9am) and weekends (Fri 9pm-Mon 9am)
  3. During the hours when NetTutor is not available, student will not be able to chat live with a tutor, access the Q&A drop box, or submit a paper to the paper center.