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For Faculty...

Information about library projects and programs and items of interest to Faculty in planning their lessons and activities.


Division Liaison Librarians 2017

Behavioral & Social Science   Mary McMillan x 6482
Business and Law   Gary Medina x 3876
Fine Arts   Analu Josephides x3510
Health Sciences & Athletics and Nursing   Analu Josephides x 3510
Humanities   Claudia Striepe x 6006
Industry & Technology   Gary Medina x 3876
Mathematics   Claudia Striepe x 6006
Natural Science   Analu Josephides x3510

What your liaison librarian can do for you

  • Contact you/Division Book Selection Committee about potential book orders for your area.
  • Market Library Services and gather ideas for potential new services for faculty and students.
  • Gather department assignments to share with Reference desk librarians to better help your students.
  • Solicit ideas for potential workshops to help students and faculty with information literacy and research.
  • Suggest your students make an appointment with the Division liaison for in-depth help with assignments.
  • Develop bibliographies/webliographies/libguides for faculty on assignment topics.
  • Refer you to the correct library person for assistance in a particular area/service of the library.
  • Inform you of new books, journals, databases we may have acquired in your field of study.
  • Attend a few Division meetings to hear what is trending in your division and pass along relevant news/new services from the library.


Guidelines for Effective Library Assignments

  • Please consider leaving a copy of your assignment at the Reference desk for our Assignments Binder. It is amazing how many students do not have their assignment with them when they come to the library for assistance. A copy of the assignment helps us help them.

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