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Current Affairs/Social Issues                                                      

Issues and Controversies features reports on controversial issues, combining "objective analysis [and] clear explanations of opposing points of students and other users can quickly grasp the essentials of even the most complex topics."

The CQ Researcher (Congressional Quarterly Researcher) examines a controversial issue every week, offering background information, pro and con arguments, and references for further study.
Note: In addition to this online version, some issues of CQ Researcher in paper format back to 1991 are also available in the Library. 

Opposing Viewpoints in Context provides a wealth of information on contemporary social issues.  It includes topic overviews, pro/con viewpoint essays, primary source documents, court-case summaries, periodical articles, images and videos.
Note: The El Camino College Library owns some of the Opposing Viewpoints books which offer part of what is in this database.

Using the Magazine, Journal, and Newspaper databases should also be considered.




 Last Published 6/27/16