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Literary Information/Authors & Their Works

A Guide to Selected Reference Works in the Schauerman Library

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For Plot Summaries and General Themes:



Short Stories



MASTERPLOTS: 1801 plot stories and critical evaluation.....

MASTERPLOTS: British and Commonwealth Literature

MASTERPLOTS: World Literature Series

MASTERPLOTS: American Fiction series

MASTERPLOTS: Women’s Literature series

MASTERPLOTS: African American Literature Series

Masterpieces of Latino Literature (Magill’s)

Masterpieces of African American Literature (Magill’s)

MASTERPLOTS: Drama series

MASTERPLOTS: Short Story series

MASTERPLOTS: Poetry series

MASTERPLOTS: Non-Fiction series

REF PN 44 M33 1996

REF PR 881 M39 1987

REF PN 3326 M28 1987

REF PN 846 M37 1986

REF PN 471 M37 1995

REF PS 153 N5 M2645

REF PQ 7081 A1 M29

REF PS 153 N5 M264

REF PN 6112.5 M37 1990

REF PN 3326 M27 1986

REF PN 1110.5 M37

REF PN 44 M345 1989

For Character Analysis

Cyclopedia of Literary Characters

Characters in Twentieth Century Literature I & II

Characters in Nineteenth Century Literature

REF PN 44 M3 1998

REF PN 56.4 H37 1990

REF PN 56.4 H69 1993

For Criticism on Authors who are still living or who died after 1959

Contemporary Literary Criticism (CLC)

Contemporary Novelists

Magills Literary Annual – essay-reviews by year of publication

REF PN 771 C59

REF PN 883 C64 1996

REF PN 44 M35 1991

For Criticism on Authors who died between 1900-1959

Twentieth Century Literary Criticism (TCLC)

REF PN 771 G27

For Criticism on Authors who died between 1800-1899

Nineteenth Century Literary Criticism (NCLC)

REF PN 761 N5

For Criticism of Important Authors and Works from Renaissance to Present

World Literature Criticism, 1500 to the Present. (WLC)

European Writers

British Writers

American Writers

Moultons Library of Literary Criticism of English and American Authors

REF PN 523 W67 1992

REF PN 501 E9 1983

REF PR 85 B688

REF PS 129 A55

REF PR 83 M73 1966

For Criticism on Short Story Authors and Works

Short Story Criticism (SSC)

Critical Survey of Short Fiction

REF PN 3321 S56 1988

REF PN 3321 C7

For Biographical Information on Authors

Contemporary Authors (CA)

Contemporary Authors New Rev. Series (CANR)

World Authors, multiple volumes, 1950-1990

European Authors 1000-1900

Dictionary of Literary Biography (DLB)

Black Writers

Latin American Writers

Chicano Literature

Spanish American Authors

Hispanic Writers

REF PN 451 C66

REF PN 451 C665

REF PN 451 W672

REF PN 451 K8

REF PS 21 D5

REF PN 490 B58 1994

REF PQ 7081 A1 L37

REF PS 153 M4 C46

REF PQ 7081.3 F57 1992

REF PQ 7081.3 H58 1991

Criticism on Shakespeare and his Works

Shakespeare for Students I & II

Shakespearean Characters for Students

Shakespearean Synopses: outlines of all the plays …

Concise Encyclopedic Guide to Shakespeare

REF PR 2987 S468

REF PR 2989 S53 1997

REF PR 2997 P6 M2

REF PR 2892 M39                  

Drama Criticism:

Critical Survey of Drama

Drama Criticism

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of World Drama

REF PR 623 C75 1994

REF PN 1625 D72

REF PN 1625 M3 1984

Criticism on African-American Authors

Black Literature Criticism

REF PS 153 N5 B556

Criticism of Women Authors:

Modern American Women Writers

American Women writers… Colonial Times to the Present

REF PS 151 M54 1991

REF PS 147 A42 1983

Criticism on Hispanic/Latino Authors:

Hispanic Literary Criticism I & II

Biographical Dictionary of Hispanic Literature in US

Modern Latin American Literature

REF PQ 7081 A1 H573

REF PQ 7420.2 K3

REF PQ 7081 F63 1975


Poetry Criticism

Poetry Criticism

Critical Survey of Poetry

REF PN 1111 P63 1991

REF PN 1021 C7 1992


 Last Published 6/14/10