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Schauerman Library Web Guides - Mathematics & Mathematicians

General Math Sites Mathematics.

Electronics Sources for Mathematics. A wonderful starting point for all sorts of Mathematics related information.

History of Mathematics on the WWW. Lists links to sites, museums, journals, etc. to do with Mathematics.

Women Mathematicians. Alphabetical and Chronological list of women mathematicians.

Mathematicians of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries. Their lives and work.

Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences. Features African Americans who have made an impact in the Sciences, including Mathematics.

Mathematics Subject Area Pages.. Lists pages on Math subjects A - Z.

History of Mathematics Homepage. Very thorough. 
NOTE: the 0 in aleph0 is a zero, not the letter O 

Math Forum

American Mathematical Society.

MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive. -formerly, Dave's Math Tables.

Chronology of Mathematicians. A long list from the dawn of civilization to the 1950's. Only some of the names on the list link to full biographies.

MathGuide. Subject catalogue. All resources are described and evaluated. From the University of Goettingen in Germany.

Mathematics on the Web - organized by topic.

Hall of Great Mathematicians.

The World's Great Mathematicians


Abstract Algebra Online

SOS Math - Algebra

Visual Calculus

Calculus @ Internet

Calculus on the Web


Geometry Junkyard

Geometry in Action

Geometry & Topology. Refereed Journal.

Math Anxiety

Coping with Math Anxiety.

Help for Math Anxiety.

Professor Freedman's Math Help.

Notes -

Try Searching also under the name of specific mathematicians, eg, Pythagorus.

URL's do move and get outdated from time to time.



 Last Published 6/27/16