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Schauerman Library Web Guides - World Folk & Fairy Tales

General Collections

Aesop's Fables Online Collection

Andrew Lang's Blue Fairy Book         

Andrew Lang's Yellow Fairy Book

Countries Folk Tales,2339

Encyclopedia Mythica (includes folklore & legend)

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts. Vast collection of original texts mainly covering folklore arranged by title and theme  

Folklore, Myth & Legend.

Myth*ing Links - Worldwide mythologies, folktales

Open Directory Folk & Fairy Tales

Stories, Folklore & Fairy Tales Theme page


African Folk Tales: Background Information

"Deep in the Bush..." West African Folk Tales

South African Folk Tales. An entire on line book.

Specimens of Bushman Folklore

Journey to Africa


El Diablo y el Mozo (The Boy and the Devil). A Mexican tale from the Texan borderlands.

Mayan Folk Tales. Translated into English by Fernando Penalosa

Native American Legends, Folk Tales, and stories. Legends of the Blackfeet and Kiowa Tribes.

Magic Tales of Mexico. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to get to the list of stories.Dual Spanish/English texts.  

The Moonlit Road: Ghost Stories and Folktales of the American South.     Go to the "Feature Stories" section to read or listen to these stories. Unfortunately one has to be a member to get access to the Archives - but there are at least 4 or 5 stories one can access freely every month. They also say which Southern State the stories are from and give a background to the tale.


Arabian Nights: Stories from the 1,001 Nights

Folktales from China

Folktales from Japan.

Folk Tales, Legends, and Superstitions of Japan.

Korean Folktales

Traditional Vietnamese Myths

Australia & the Pacific Rim

Stories of the Dreaming. Australian Aboriginal folktales.


Fairy tales & Folklore of Western Europe.

Fairy Tales by the Grimm Brothers. Dual German/English text.

English Fairy and Folktale Texts

Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales & Stories

Norwegian Folktales. With comments and primers after each story

Russian Folk Tales.

Sagas, Eddas...

The Troth: Grimm's Fairy tales. Complete, with dual Eng/Ger texts.

Analysis & Interpretation of Fairy/Folktales

Sources for the Analysis & Interpretation of Folk & Fairy Tales

Donald Barthelme.

Brono Bettelheim.

Angela Carter.

Fairy Tales.


Beauty & the Beast - versions, T.V., film, scholarship

Cinderella - Aarne-Thompson folktale type 510A and related stories of persecuted heroines

Cinderella Project -many English language versions. Click on Archive Inventory

Jack & the Beanstalk/Jack the Giant Killer Project

Little Red Riding Hood Project

The Annotated Hansel and Gretel


You can also use a good search engine like Google ( and type in a country name followed by terms like folktales, folk tales, folklore, legends - you will get some good results.


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 Last Published 6/27/16