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Are you interested in working for the El Camino College Learning Resources Center? Look no further! You can now download the blank application forms you need from the Learning Resources Center website! Just follow the instructions for each form below:

Learning Resources Center Student Worker Job Application

1.) Click on BLANK LRC APPLICATION to download the form.

2.) Either fill it out by hand or fill it out via your computer. 

3.) Print out the form and turn it into the Learning Resources Center.

You can either turn it into John Luna or Lisa Hall. Both can be located on the 2nd floor of the Schauerman Library, in the Learning Resources Center. 

4.) Before turning in your application, make sure you include the additional documents listed below...


Hours of Availability Form *

1.) Click on BLANK HOURS OF AVAILABILITY FORM to download the form.

2.) In order to fill out this form, please fill in the required information located on the top of it, including your name, contact information, and semester you are applying for. 

3.) To mark this form, fill in times you are absolutely sure you CANNOT work with "X" marks. The times that you are available to work, leave blank. 

4.) Lastly, return this form with your application. 


*If you are unsure of your schedule, then skip this step and just turn in the completed application.


Federal Work Study Student Workers

If you are applying as a Federal Work Study student, then make sure you attach a print out of your Federal Work Study Approval Notice that you should receive in your email. 


Now You're Done!

Before turning in your application to the Learning Resources Center, make sure you have everything! This includes: the LRC Application, the Hours of Availability, and (if you're Federal Work Study), your Federal Work Study Approval Notice email. Once you have all those documents, we will be more than happy to receive your application!


We look forward to hearing from you!