Safety Matters

Shelter in Place Exercise

As part of the college's emergency preparedness efforts, a Campuswide Lockdown – Shelter in Place Exercise is scheduled for Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 9:40 a.m. and 7:10 p.m. This exercise will help prepare the college community for any situations that may require this type of emergency response, similar to the "ShakeOut" earthquake drill each October. Lockdown procedures and sheltering in place will be the main focus, with no evacuation. The campus will be notified through the phone system, the blue pole speakers, Nixle and other communication methods when the drill begins. Areas without phones will be notified by campus safety personnel.

Employees will be advised to lock their doors if possible, from the inside. If not, or if the door swings outward, individual room leaders (faculty or staff) should discuss and evaluate the room and determine what furniture and equipment should be used to block the doors in the case of a real emergency. Each room leader should also discuss routes of exit and location of fire extinguishers. Please note: You do not need to physically block the doors for this exercise.

Classroom/office lights should be turned off if possible, and cellphones silenced. Building Captains have their emergency radios and will immediately take charge of their buildings. With assistance from their floor leaders and building teams, they will keep the building secured, and direct people in hallways to shelter in place in the nearest safe classroom, office, or other room.

Buildings that have swipe card access will be locked down. Campus safety personnel will communicate through a loudspeaker and in person with people who are walking around campus. After approximately 10 minutes, the all-clear will be issued.

A similar drill will be conducted at ECC Compton Center, at the same date and times.

To prepare for the drill, employees are encouraged to review this instructional video:

As always, campus safety personnel are available to make classroom presentations. Please contact the El Camino College Police Department at 310-660-3100 for more information or to request a classroom visit.


Sign up to receive Nixle emergency alerts from ECC Campus Police, simply text 888777 and type ECCPD (for ECC notifications) or CECPD (for Compton Center notifications). For more info on Nixle: