Michael Le

Michael Le

El Camino College graduate Michael Le spent this past summer at Harvard University’s summer session then transferred to the University of California at Berkeley to continue his studies in economics. His academic success is not something he would have predicted early in his high school years.


“I was a little rebellious in high school, but after a while I learned to appreciate what I had,” said Le, a lifelong Redondo Beach resident and 2011 West High School grad. “I’m still a little rebellious now, but now the rebellious part of me has structure. As long as you are doing something you want to do, you can get there through many different ways.”


El Camino College has a long tradition of helping students meet their goals to transfer to a four-year college or university. Among the 112 California Community Colleges, ECC consistently ranks in the top 10 for transferring students to the University of California and California State University campus of their dreams.


“If I did not go to El Camino College, I would not be where I am today,” he said. “There are so many opportunities and so much support at El Camino College. Life is a progression and it’s all about going to the next step. If you are not taking advantage of every opportunity to try new things, you are not doing yourself justice. You should just do it.”

El Camino College Olympians

1948 Olympics – London
Track and Field
George Stanich High Jump Won a Bronze Medal

1952 Olympics – Helsinki

Water Polo
Urho Saari Head Coach
Bill Dornblazer Player
Jim Norris Player
Harry Bisby Player
Bob Hughes Player

1964 Olympics – Tokyo

Keith Erickson Player

1984 Olympics – Los Angeles

Flora “Flo” Hyman Player Won a Silver Medal

1992 Olympics – Barcelona

Track and Field
Myra Mayberry 100 and 400 meters Representing Puerto Rico.

1996 Olympics – Atlanta

Track and Field
Sharette Garcia 800 meters Representing Belize
Myra Mayberry 100 and 200 meters Representing Puerto Rico.

Sprint Kayaking
Cliff Meidel Team Member

2000 Olympics – Sydney

Sprint Kayaking

Cliff Meidel Team Member and Team USA Flag Bearer