Welcome to the New Year! With the New Year comes a renewed focus on safety. Each of us is responsible for our own safety. A good safety record is a direct result of cooperation, and we all have a responsibility to achieve it. If you see something that could result in an accident, tell someone. The hazard must be corrected before someone gets hurt. So ultimately, we all are responsible for safety – and it’s an awesome responsibility that must be taken seriously!
To assist you, please consider your immediate supervisor, your dean or director, the campus police, the director of business services, the Office of Safety and Health, and the following members of the 2014 ECC Safety and Health Committee as a safety resource: 


Adrian Amjadi – Art Department, ext. 3532
Robert Brobst – Facilities, ext. 3691
Jan Caldwell – Campus Police, ext. 4464
Elizabeth Fernandez – Financial Aid, ext. 6350
Julienne Gard – Natural Sciences, ext. 3367
Christie Killduff – Natural Sciences, ext. 3232
Ana Tontcheva – Natural Sciences, ext. 6010

Carl Turano – Facilities/Warehouse, ext. 3015
Valerie Wagner – Office of Safety and Health, ext. 3156


Should you observe a safety hazard that needs immediate action, do what you can to immediately alert others of the danger. The next step is to contact a responsible party, such as your immediate supervisor, who will then make the appropriate arrangements for correction. Thank you for your cooperation and for working safely! We wish everyone a very safe and healthful 2014!