Workplace/Office Safety Reminders

Welcome to the summer months and a few safety tips! We would like to remind everyone to please remember to lock office doors when leaving; do not leave cash or personal valuables in your office/work station at any time; and secure valuables at all times when you are in your office/work station, either in a locked drawer or cabinet.

In the true spirit of community policing, we need everyone’s help! If you see or hear something that does not appear quite right to you please contact campus police. You may remain anonymous if you wish. It is truly through this community effort that we will maintain safety on campus.


Campus Police can be reached in a variety of ways:


Dial 911 for emergencies from any phone or use the Blue Poles or Hallway Emergency Phones.


Dial 3100 from any office phone on the ECC campus.
Dial 2999 from any office phone at ECC Compton Center.
310-660-3100 is the regular business phone number for ECC.
310-900-1600 ext. 2999 is the regular business phone for ECC Compton Center.


  • It is a great idea to program these phone numbers into your cell phone speed dial.
  • You may use the Blue Pole Phones located throughout campus by simply pressing the red button.
  • You may use the hallway emergency phones located in buildings. These phones may be red in color, tan in color or blue in color.
  • You also may come into the campus police station to make a report.
  • You may make a report to any police officer or police employee on campus.


TOGETHER we will keep our campus a safe environment in which to learn, work, play and keep our hopes and dreams a reality.