Safety Matters

Emergency Services During Server Failure/Power Outages

Server failures and power outages can affect campuswide phone, email, and other communication services. Service could be out of operation from a few minutes to several hours. If you need emergency assistance on the El Camino College campus during such a time, please dial 911 or ECC police from a cellphone. Please note: Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile will directly connect 911 calls (made on campus) to campus police. Sprint and MetroPCS usually connect to California Highway Patrol (CHP) or the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department if you dial 911 from campus and they will transfer the call to campus police. The El Camino College Police Department phones are on a separate system, not connected to the general ECC server, and can be accessed even if El Camino College campus phones do not work. It advised to prepare for emergencies by programing 911 and the El Camino College Police Department phone number (310-660-3100) into your cellphone. Many cellphones have a built-in 911 feature, where emergency agencies can be contacted with one touch. Please direct any further questions to the El Camino College Police Department at 310-660-3100.

Safety Matters: Shelter in Place Drill Completed

The Campuswide Lock Down - Shelter in Place exercise on May 3 was a success, with participation throughout the college. The exercise began with notification via Cisco phone speakers, Nixle text messaging, and police car loudspeakers. Everyone was asked to stop and shelter in place. Increased participation was seen in this drill, with the majority of people clearing out of hallways and away from outdoor areas. Employee feedback was positive regarding the exercise, with many people saying that they were thankful for a designated time to practice emergency procedures, similar to an earthquake drill or a fire drill.

Your input is welcome! Please take some time complete a short online anonymous survey about the exercise. Your insights are important to us as we continue to refine protocols and procedures to meet the needs of our campus during these safety drills.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this important exercise, just one of numerous measures in the college's efforts to help prepare students and employees for various emergency situations. We will conduct the Campuswide Lock Down - Shelter in Place exercise each spring.

Please remember, safety is a priority at El Camino College and ECC Compton Center. Campus safety personnel are available to make classroom presentations and answer any questions you may have. Contact the El Camino College Police Department at 310-660-3100 for more information.


Sign up to receive Nixle emergency alerts from ECC Campus Police, simply text 888777 and type ECCPD (for ECC notifications) or CECPD (for Compton Center notifications). For more info on Nixle: