Share a Ride!

There are many great reasons to carpool and join the ECC rideshare program. Here is a good one: join rideshare and you will be able to park in “Staff Only Carpool” spots. The rideshare program has allocated 23 parking stalls for employees who carpool to El Camino College. The stalls are located in Lots A, B, C, H, J and K. The carpool stalls are marked with orange “Reserved Staff Carpool Only” signs and are ready for your group! Please contact Parking Services at extension 3983 with any questions.

Employees can also enter a quarterly rideshare drawing. Congratulations to this quarter’s rideshare winners:

$25 Gift Cards: Lori Suekawa, Patricia Muñoz, Steven Muro, Hong Tran, Hinh Pham, Tung Nguyen, Diana Crossman, Judy Castillo, Chris Wells, and Elizabeth Flores

$50 Gift Cards: Robert McNeill, and Donna  Pantaleo

If you would like to participate in May's drawing please contact Erick Mendoza at extension 3983 to find out how.