Retiring Faculty, Staff, Managers

Congratulations to retiring employees who have served El Camino College students and programs.

Faculty Retirees
Martha Ansite, Humanities
Florence Baker, Behavioral & Social Sciences
Elaine Cannon, Behavioral & Social Sciences
Anne Cummings, Humanities
Alice Cornelio, Learning Resources
John Featherstone, Health Sciences & Athletics
Moon Ichinaga, Learning Resources
Ron LaFond, Natural Sciences
Stephen Leonelli, Natural Sciences
Susan Marron, Health Sciences & Athletics
Susan Oda Omori, Counseling
Emily Rader, Behavioral & Social Sciences
Gregory Scott, Mathematical Sciences

Staff Retirees
Martha Aaron, Administrative Assistant II
Arlene Bautista, Administrative Assistant II
Benigno Cedano, Athletic/Physical Education Attendant
Sally Doolittle, Piano Accompanist
Victor Flores, Carpenter
LauraLee Garinger, Senior Clerical Assistant
Wilma Hairston, Administrative Assistant II
Carol Kubota, PBX Operator/Receptionist
Linda Lew, Student Services Technician
Laura Losorelli, Clerical Assistant
Rachelle Lunney, Senior Clerical Assistant
Carlos Mena, Skilled Trades Assistant
Ernesto Patricio, Electrician
Anthony Solano, Utility Worker
Gary Turner, Accounting Technician II
Rebecca Wilson, Computer Lab Specialist

Manager Retirees
Victoria Lockridge, Supervisor, Assessment/Testing
Constance Fitzsimons, Dean of Fine Arts