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Vehicle Battery Jump & Vehicle Unlock (Key Assist)

Anyone who has been locked out of their vehicle on District property and require assistance gaining entry into their vehicle or require a battery jump start for their vehicle may contact the Police Department by calling 310-660-3100 (Torrance Campus), dialing extension 3100 from any campus phone, or utilizing the information button on one of the emergency call boxes located at each parking lot.

The person requesting assistance must present picture identification and must be the registered owner of the vehicle. A Request of Assistance Waiver of Liability Form must be completed by the person requesting assistance to relieve the liability from the College on any damages that may occur to the vehicle during the vehicle lock-out or battery jump.

Vehicle Flat Tire and Towing

The Police Department only offers assistance in calling an authorized auto service for motorists requiring flat tire and/or towing service such (AAA, Local Tow Company, etc.).  We are not able to assit in any other way. 








 Last Published 6/27/16