FIRST - Formerly Incarcerated Re-Entry Students Thriving
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Formerly Incarcerated Re-Entry Students Thriving (FIRST)

Who is FIRST?

FIRST is a program designed to provide academic and basic needs support to formerly incarcerated and system-impacted students, while addressing systematic barriers they may face. The goal is to ensure successful completion of their educational journey by providing individualized support.

FIRST's focus is to empower and support formerly incarcerated individuals by providing training, support groups, and counseling assistance that directly promotes collaboration among various campus entities.

We invite you to attend our FIRST Group Dialogue Sessions

During these sessions, our main goal is to introduce the program, work with students to help us formulate objectives/programming  designed to help them thrive on our campus, and most importantly begin to support our students who may have gone through this experience and connect them to the resources that they may need.

You can sign-up to attend our sessions by clicking here: 

 Formerly Incarcerated Re-Entry Students Thriving (FIRST) Group Dialogue Sessions