Honors Transfer Program (HTP)
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We are no longer accepting applications for summer/fall.  If you have missed the deadline, you can apply in October for the 2020 winter/spring application period. Check back in October for updates.

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL APPLICANTS: Students who are new to ECC will have to complete three crucial steps to be eligible for the Honors Transfer Program. The steps are:

1. An ECC application

2. An ECC orientation (either online or in person)

3. An education plan (EdPlan) with an ECC counselor

You must read the HTP handbook to answer the open book test in the online application. Click the link to view/print the HTP Handbook.


What is the Honors Transfer Program?

The Honors Transfer Program (HTP) at El Camino College is designed to better prepare the highly motivated student to transfer successfully to a university and complete a Bachelor’s degree.

The HTP provides a unique learning environment that stresses academic excellence and develops the awareness necessary to achieve this goal. The major objective of the program is to prepare students to transfer by focusing on advanced reading, writing, critical thinking, and study skills. Honors courses are academically enriched to stimulate students intellectually, encourage independent critical thinking, and promote close interaction between students and faculty.

Honors courses fit into requirements of various associate degrees, as well as requirements needed to transfer to the University of California, California State University, and most other universities. Generally, students in the HTP complete the same number of courses as other students planning to transfer.

Top 10 Reasons to Become a Member of the Honors Transfer Program:

  1. Priority admission consideration for universities
  2. Priority registration for ECC classes
  3. Smaller class size with excellent, committed professors
  4. Increased interaction with transfer counselors
  5. Informative workshops designed to help you succeed at ECC and when you transfer
  6. UCLA application “alternate major” option—increase your chances of being accepted to UCLA!
  7. Permanent notation of honors participation on ECC transcript
  8. Close academic and social interaction with other highly motivated honors students—build a network of peers with similar goals.
  9. Increased chances of receiving scholarships and internships.
  10. Special opportunities to conduct and present undergraduate research—stand out on your application!

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Contact Information

Joseph Holliday
  Rachel Williams
  Kahea Kamahele
Program Assistant
Rene Lozano
Transfer Counselor

Paitzar Giourdjian



Honors Transfer Program
c/o Natural Sciences Division
16007 Crenshaw Blvd.
Torrance, CA 90506
Phone: (310) 660-3815

How to Find Us
The HTP office is located in the Student Services Center, Room 228. Staff hours are Monday-Thursday, 9am-12pm and 1pm-5pm.

Summer Hours:

Monday - Thursday, 9am - 12 noon and 1pm - 4pm.

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HTP - Honors Transfer Program




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