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The Reading Success Center is making the most requested forms available online for students and faculty members. All forms are presented in the PDF or DOC format and may require additional software on your computer to view. Some forms are also PDF forms so you can fill them out easily on your computer without the need to print them out.

Individualized Programs

English & ESL Placement Test Tutoring

The Reading Success Center now offers free tutoring for the English and ESL Placement Test! Practice before your 1st and/or 2nd attempt to increase your score for a faster graduation!

Reading comprehension

The staff will assist in building reading comprehension through exercises.


RFU and DRP prep

The Center provides sample Reading for Understanding (RFU) test and the Reading Assessment Test (DRP), as well as test-taking strategies.

Text navigation

The staff will provide instruction and guidance to how to navigate any text, whether it is an article, essay, textbook, etc.

Vocabulary building

The staff will assist in building vocabulary through exercises.

Assignment/Homework Help/Test prep

The staff will assist in any reading-related assignments.


Throughout the semester, the Center will host workshops that help students better understand their reading and themselves.

Test Proctoring

The Center provides a place for students who need to take a test outside of their classroom.  This service is provided by appointment only.

Plus more! Just ask.

If there is anything reading-related that needs improving on, let the staff know, and they will be happy to assist.


Lab Programs


With this program, a student can create a concept map and turn it into an outline, or vice versa. Inspiration also converts the work done on the program into a PowerPoint presentation, Word document, or a PDF.


Online Program

This website creates online vocabulary flashcards based on a person’s level.

This site provides reading, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation exercises.

Total Reader has a wide-range of readings, and tests students on those readings.  This helps with vocabulary and reading comprehension improvement.  This may be purchased online or at the ECC Library.

This is an online dictionary that provides easy-to-understand definitions.

This site allows students to create flashcards and notes online, track their progress, and test themselves.  It can also be downloaded as a mobile ap.

This is an online dictionary and thesaurus.

This site will help students with their typing skills.

This site provides tools for second-language students, such as pronouncing words, translating, keyboard help, and many more.


Reading Success Center Documents

 15 Easy Ways to Increase Your Vocabulary

15 Easy Ways to Increase
Your Vocabulary

Strategies for Answering Reading Questions

Strategies for Answering
Reading Questions

How to Comprehend What Youre Reading

How to Comprehend
What Youre Reading

 Tips for Improving Vocabulary

Tips for Improving Vocabulary