Steps to Enroll in CalWORKs

 ECC CalWORKs Program Intake Process


 1. APPLY : Complete the application online at: El Camino College.

Go to the top right hand corner of the page and click “Apply Online.”     The directions will follow. It will take approximately two days for your application to be processed and you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your student ID number.

  2. FAFSA

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at FAFSA. This application determines eligibility for Student Financial Aid.  These funds will help you pay for costs associated with attending school. Obtain a current "Notice of Action" from your DPSS Eligibility Worker and  submit it to the Financial Aid Office.

If you DO NOT have a GAIN Services Worker   go to Step 3
If you HAVE a GAIN Services Worker go to Step 4



Contact your local DPSS office and apply for Cash Aid/GAIN for you as well as for your children. Contact your GAIN Service Worker (GSW) for a referral: Your GSW will determine which form is needed.

    • GN 6005A  (Self-Initiated)
    • GN 6006  (Vocational) Must be accompanied  with GN 6013 & 6014
    • GN 6390 (Attending Multiple Schools Form) Must be accompanied with GN 6013 & 6014
4. TEST 

Take your Math & English Assessment Tests if applicable in the Student Services Center Room 217. This test will take 1½ to 2 hours to complete. You must bring a picture ID and pen/pencil with you. You can bypass this step only if you have attended another college and want to transfer units in English or Math.

Sorry but children are not allowed in the testing offices so please make prior arrangements.


Visit the El Camino College CalWORKs Counselor to conduct an educational assessment, review any transcripts that you may have, and prepare an educational plan to help you successfully achieve your certificate or AA/AS degree. (Important: You must complete Step 4: Test, before seeing a counselor). Also, if your GAIN Services Worker provided you with a GN 6006 or GN 6390 referral you will need to bring the GN 6013 and GN 6014 (Welfare-to-Work Plan) for the ECC CalWORKs Counselor to review.


You will receive an enrollment date and time from the Admissions & Records office through MyECC. Please be sure to enroll as soon as possible to ensure that you get the classes you need.It is advisable to enroll in classes after speaking with a counselor to ensure that you enroll in the correct classes!


Schedule an appointment with the CalWORKs Case Advisor to complete your GAIN and Child Care documents. The CalWORKs Work-Study Case Advisor can provide you with work activity referrals for part time employment. Remember that you can ONLY meet with the Case Advisors after seeing the CalWORKs Counselor and enrolling in classes.



ECC CalWORKs Intake Steps

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