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 ECC CalWORKs Work Study


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The Work Study GAIN program provides employment-related services to CalWORKs participants to help them find employment, stay employed, and move on to higher paying jobs, which will lead to self-sufficiency and independence.

CalWORKs participants may be eligible for on campus or off campus, paid work study positions through the CalWORKs Work Study Program. This is an excellent opportunity for students to gain valuable, hands-on-experience often related to their field of study while still participating in an education training program. 



Work Study Eligibility for New and Continuing Participants


  • Participant must be enrolled at El Camino College in a minimun of:

      • 6 units for Fall and Spring semesters
      • 3 units for Winter and Summer sessions
  • Be admitted into El Camino College CalWORKs program with any of the following referral forms on file:

      • GN 6005A (SIP)
      • GN 6006 (VOC) along with GN 6013/6014
      • GN 6390 (Attending Multiple Schools) along with GN 6013/6014
  • Provide documentation of current TANF benefits in order to complete the CalWORKs Work Study Contract.

  • Have a minimum 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA).

  • Be in good academic standing at El Camino College

  • Provide current Verification of Benefits (VOB) - This form is provided by the ECC CalWORKs Office and completed by the Participant current GAIN Services Worker (GSW)

The Verification of Benefits form is required prior to placement and the beginning of each school semester to be signed by  GAIN or eligibility services worker.

All students are required to attend a CalWORKs Work-Study Orientation. The orientation gives an overview of the program, purpose, goals, student requirements, student rights, responsibilities, work ethics, campus resources and the hiring process. Enhancement skills works shops are presented to increase student employability and as a guide for success in the workplace.




  • Students are able to meet their required GAIN approved activities while they complete their course of study.

  • Work Study income is exempt from calculation of the CalWORKs cash aid and the hours worked in a work study job count towards the required hours per week.

  • Work-study hours (20 hours maximum) can be counted as “core” hours for a student’s Welfare-to-Work plan.

  • Assistance with building student’s resumes and professional development for employability is our goal.

  • The Work Study Program services for the ECC CalWORKs students are being met by individual student advisement, seeking new on and off campus employers, providing informational training sessions to enhance student employment preparation (i.e. Resume Building, Interview Techniques). 

  • In addition, students receive printed/published training resources, instructions in utilizing social media for employment (i.e. LinkedIn, Constant Contact, Facebook) and guidelines in learning how to use their transferable soft skills.




  • Salary Surfer: The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office is making available for the first time comparative information about the earnings of recent graduates who received an award in a specific program area at California community colleges.

  • GAIN Overview: The GAIN program provides employment-related services to CalWORKs participants to help them to find a  job, keep their job, and move on to higher paying jobs, which will lead to self-suffiency and independence.



To set up an appointment please call us at (310) 660-6057 or e-mail