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Apply Online for Spring 2019

EOP/CARE Program Application

If you need any assistance through the application process, stop by the office (SSVC 205B

or call (310) 660 - 6066

EOPS Eligibility

Students must first be eligible and accepted into the EOPS program before joining the CARE program. Below are the EOPS eligiblity requirements

  1. Be a California resident or AB540 or AB1899
  2. Be enrolled full-time (12 units or more) when accepted into the program (limited exceptions made)
  3. Not have completed more than 70 degree applicable units (including all colleges/universities)
  4. Complete a free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application and be eligible for the Board of Governors Fee Waiver Program (BOGFW) Income Standards under Method A, B, or C with zero family contribution.
  5. Have an educational need in ONE of the following areas:
    1. Placement scores below English 1A or Math 73/80
    2. Non high school graduate
    3. Have not passed the California Proficiency Exam nor earned a GED
    4. Previous enrollment in remedial courses
    5. High school graduate with GPA below 2.5
    6. Other factors as determined by the EOPS Director


CARE Eligibility

Students must submit an Agency Certification signed and stamped by their eligibility or case worker every academic year. This form certifies the eligibility requirements below:

  1. You are a recipient of TANF/CalWORKs (ATTENTION: Student or child must be receiving cash aid)
  2. You are at least 18 years of age
  3. You are classified as single head of household
  4. You have at least one child in your custody and on your county case