Counseling Faculty and Staff Directoy

Counseling Faculty and Staff Directory

Dial 310-660-3593, then enter the extension number of the counselor or staff member you are trying to reach:

Full-Time Faculty

Name Extension Office Location/ Department Email  
Beley, Kate 3251 SRC  
Bennett, Stephanie 5698 SSVC 102E  
Bray, Seranda 7936 SSVC 204J  
Brochet, Anna 5469 SSVC 202B  
Casillas, Veronica 3690 SSVC 108J  
Castro, Griselda 3403 SSVC 104H  
Cola, Tawyna  6410 SRC  
Cooper, Dr. Yamonte 3402 SSVC 108I  
Diaz, Rocio 3489 SSVC 215C/ RISE  
Echeverrianewberry, Luis 3938 VET 105  
Garcia, Maria 3467 SSVC 202  
Hernandez, Maribel 6568 SSVC 104I  
Herrschaft, Amy 6049 SSVC 108D  
Hurd, Chris 3817 KEAS  
Iino, Dr. Kelsey 3404 SSVC 108G  
Jeffries, Chris 3531 SSVC 104C  
Key, Ken 3631 SSVC 102C  
Kroll, Cheryl 3563 SSVC 212  
Lanier, Monica 7805 SSVC 108H  
Lozano, Rene 6074 SSVC 102G  
Meza, Lesley 5298 SSVC 108B  
Mims, Brian 6037 SSVC 104G  
Miranda, Dora 3573 SSVC 215B/ RISE  
Miranda, Margaret 3447 SSVC 104D  
Miranda, Rousana 6537 SSVC 108F  
Mosqueda, Dr. Cynthia 3075 SSVC 204F  
Navarro, Salvador 3678 SSVC 204  
Ocampo, Dr. Atheneus 3551 SSVC 102A  
Padilla, Ruby 7804 SSVC 215D/ RISE  
Pajo, Cristina 6047 SRC  
Pon-Ishikawa, Janice 3433 SSVC 108A  
Rayford, Valencia 6407 SSVC 108C  
Sabio, Dr. Sabra 3637 SSVC 104K  
Suekawa, Lori 3517 SSVC 108K  
Vaughn, Dexter 3468 SSVC 202C  
Wang, Xiao Ying 6033 SSVC 215A/ RISE  
Williams, Robert 3819 KEAS  

Full-Time Staff

Name Extension Office Location/ Department Email  
Cottle, Kathleen 3443 SSVC Division  
Eskridge, Mary 6543 SSVC 102H  
Fariolen, Junnette 3460 SSVC 102H  
Franklin, Jetta 3442/5442 SSVC Division  
Funes, Angie 6011 SSVC 213/ RISE  
Gallegos, Jaime 3608 SSVC 204/ FYE  
Gonzalez, Ricky 7809 SSVC 213/ RISE  
Kaba, Kaycee 6936 SSVC 204/ FYE  
Martinez, Edel 5215 SSVC 102H  
Newman, Toni 6545 SSVC Appt. Desk  
Perez, Martha 6539 SSVC 213/ RISE  
Prado, Blanca 5481 SSVC 108L  
Vasquez-Gharibeh, Sara 7042 SSVC 108L  
Young, Helen 7729 LLR 263