EOPS Forms
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EOPS Forms and Documents

EOPS provides the following forms to keep students up-to-date with the latest news and developments in the EOPS program. Remember to check the Important Dates and Deadlines flyer so you can complete your required contacts and remain eligible for services from EOPS/CARE. 


Spring 2020 Important Dates and Deadlines
Spring 2020 Important Dates and DeadlinesClick flyer to enlarge

A very important document for every EOPS student. Provides details and recommended deadline dates for the required contacts during the current semester. 


EOPS Mutual Responsibility Contract (MRC)
EOPS Mutual Responsibility Contract (MRC)Click flyer to enlarge

The Mutual Responsibility Contract is an agreement between the student and the ECC EOPS program which details the program requirements and the services provided for every student who participates in the EOPS program. Must be renewed on an annual basis for program participation.


EOPS/SRC Inter-Program Referral Form
EOPS/SRC Inter-Program Referral FormClick flyer to enlarge

New incoming EOPS Students who receive services from the SRC must submit an EOPS/SRC Inter-Program Referral form noting the recommended number of units, which must be signed by an SRC representative.