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Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)

Committed to Student Success!


Welcome to EOPS at El Camino College! 



Thank you for your interest in the Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS) at El Camino College. EOPS is dedicated to the delivery of a comprehensive program that encourages the enrollment, retention, and transfer of students who are challenged by language, social, economic, and educational disadvantages. 

Complete the following to avoid delays in the review of your EOPS application:

  1. El CAMINO COLLEGE- Steps to Enrollment:

  2. UNIT Requirement: You must enroll in 12 units to be eligible for EOPS (exceptions apply, see below). You will be invited to an EOPS/CARE Program Orientation once you register for 12 units and meet program eligibility. Check MyECC for your registration appointment.

    1. Special Resource Center (SRC) Participants Unit Exception: Students who receive services from the SRC must submit an EOPS/SRC Inter-Program Referral form noting the recommended number of units, which must be signed by an SRC representative. Download the EOPS/SRC Inter-Program Referral Form.

    2. Full-time Unit Waiver (Limited Waivers Available): Students who are not able to complete a full-time course load (at least 12 units) in the Fall 2020 semester may receive a full-time unit waiver upon approval by an EOPS counselor. Students interested in a full-time unit waiver must enroll in 9-11.5 units and attend an EOPS Program Orientation to be considered. 

  3. TRANSCRIPTS: If applicable, submit unofficial transcripts for all courses taken at other colleges.

Next steps to join EOPS and receive an EOPS Book Voucher, if eligible:

  1. Eligible students will receive an email invitation to attend an EOPS/CARE Program Orientation. 

  2. EOPS/CARE Program Orientations are scheduled for July through September 2020.

  3. Check your preferred email (entered on your application) beginning in July to register for an EOPS/CARE Program Orientation.

  4. After attending the EOPS/CARE Program Orientation you will need to schedule an appointment to meet with an EOPS Counselor. Once your educational planning appointment is complete your EOPS Book Voucher will be released.


Need Assistance?

Chat With Us!

The EOPS office will be closed until further notice. If you need assistance completing the EOPS application, have questions, or want to know your application status, chat with our outreach team. Connect with someone who is "online" by clicking the yellow arrow icon.

Tip: Please be sure to use Google Chrome browser to access virtual services. A laptop or desktop is strongly encouraged in order to access virtual services. 

Video chat on Cranium Cafe with Rafael Salazar Video chat on Cranium Cafe with Uribe, Celso

For additional questions regarding the application process please feel free to contact us at