KEAS Program

KEAS Program Forms

KEAS Program Progress Report Form

Progress Report Form

Please take this form and speak with your professor/s to get your current grades for all KEAS classes. Submit the completed form to your KEAS Counselor in the Student Activities Center, South Wing.

The 1st Progress Report is due before Monday, September 25, 2017 
The 2nd Progress Report is due before Monday, November 9, 2017


KEAS Program Workshop Credit Form

Workshop Credit Form

As part of the KEAS Program, students are required to attend at least two on-campus workshops per semester. While there may be workshops offered by the KEAS Counselors and Staff, this form can be used to receive credit for other on campus workshops. For a list of acceptable workshops, or to inquire about a workshop that is not posted, please visit the KEAS Lounge in the Student Activities Center, South Wing, or call us at (310) 660-3593 x3812.


KEAS Program Contract for Success

Contract for Success

As a member of the Knowledgeable, Engaged, and Aspiring Students (KEAS) Program, you are joining a community of students, faculty, and staff who are committed to providing equitable support services to reduce the academic achievement gap and increase persistence rates. Being a member of the KEAS program is a privilege. As a member of the KEAS Program, I choose to make my education a priority by showing up, participating actively, and choosing to do my best work.


KEAS Program Book and Calculator Loan Contract

Book and Calculator Loan Contract

This contact is for the book and calculator loan program