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KEAS Workshops

We offer workshops to our students in order to provide them with resources necessary to be a successful college student. We host our own academic strategy workshops as well as host on campus professionals who can provide information to our KEAS Students. Students are encouraged to let us know when workshops on campus interest them so that we can plan future workshops around their interests. Students looking to attend KEAS Workshops can RSVP ahead of time by visiting the KEAS Program in the Student Activities Center, Room AC170. 

As part of the KEAS Program, students are required to attend at least two on-campus workshops per semester. While there are workshops offered by the KEAS Counselors and Staff, a KEAS Program Workshop Credit Form can be used to receive credit for other on campus workshops.

For a list of acceptable workshops, or to inquire about a workshop that are not posted, please visit the KEAS Program in the Student Activities Center, Room 170.


KEAS Workshops

A Way To Wakanda: Allyship As A Path To Freedom

KEAS Program
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Tuesday, March 27
1:00-2:00 P.M.
KEAS Program: Student Activities Center, Room 170

 An educator and activist, Amreen Karmali is passionate about helping people start conversations around the most difficult of topics such as race, gender and sexuality. She envisions a world where people no longer suffer from the wounds of oppression and believes that through these conversations we can create communities in which everyone can be free to be themselves!

To RSVP to this workshop, you must sign up ahead of time at the KEAS Program or by filling out this online form:

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