Student Success Program (Probation)

Student Success Program

(Academic/Progress Probation and Dismissal)

El Camino College has two types of probation: Academic Probation and Progress Probation. The purpose of probation is to encourage a student having academic difficulties seek appropriate guidance and support in formulating and achieving goals.

We are here to support you. The Student Success Program offers counseling and advising, in addition to a variety of enhancement workshops, and can also connect you with additional support services on and off campus.  


Students on Academic/Progress Probation Level I and Level II, please review the checklist below.

                  SSP Checklist

 SSP Checklist

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Academic Probation

A student who has attempted at least 12 semester units, as shown by the academic record, will be placed on Academic Probation when his or her grade point average for total units attempted at El Camino College is less than 2.0.

What can I do to be removed from Academic Probation?

A student will be removed from Academic Probation when the cumulative grade point average is a 2.0 or higher in the total units attempted at El Camino College.  The student must do the following in order to return to good academic standing:

1. Repeat

Students may repeat a course in which they have received a substandard grade (that is, D, F, or NC) once. Upon completion of these courses, the student’s cumulative GPA will be recalculated.  The new cumulative GPA will reflect only the passing grades of C or better.  However, the student’s transcript will show all grades earned.

A student will need to request approval for a third repeat by filing a Multiple Repeat Petition with the academic Division pertaining to the class. For example, to repeat an English class a third time he or she must file a petition with the Humanities Division. The petition should be filed the semester prior to the first day of enrollment for the term you want to repeat the class.

2. Academic Renewal

The student can file a petition to have up to 24 units of D, F, or WF grades omitted on the cumulative GPA  You may file for Academic Renewal if you meet the following criteria:

  • The student must have earned a GPA of 2.25 or higher in the last 30 units of graded work completed at a regionally-accredited college or university, or
  • a GPA of 2.5 or higher in the last 24 units of graded work, completed at a regionally accredited college or university
  • At least two years must have elapsed since the substandard semester.

3. Complete Remaining Classes with a 'C' or Better

The student’s remaining units must be completed with grades of C or better to reduce the effect of Ds or Fs in the cumulative GPA.

Progress Probation

What is Progress Probation?

A student who has enrolled in 12 or more semester units as shown by the academic record will be placed on Progress Probation if entries of “W,”“I,” and “NC” and/or “NP” account for fifty percent or more of the total units attempted. Courses dropped prior to the “No Notation” deadline are not considered “units attempted” and do not receive entries as “W,” “I,” or “NC/NP.”

What is CR, NC, a W and I?

“CR” The student will receive unit credit toward graduation and/or full-time status but it is not calculated into the GPA
“NC”/”NP” The student receives no credit for the course taken.
“W” Withdrawal from class.
“I” Incomplete academic work because of an emergency or other unforeseeable circumstance beyond the student’s control and approved and agreed upon by the instructor. The work must be completed by the sixth week of the regular semester following the receipt of the “I” mark; otherwise, a letter grade will be assigned depending on the completed work.


What can I do to be removed from Progress Probation?

A student will be removed from Progress Probation when the percentage of entries of “W,” “I,” “NC and/or “NP” drops below fifty percent of the total units attempted.

NOTE: Matriculation is the process in which a student meets with a counselor to prepare an educational plan and to discuss his or her educational needs, career interests, aptitudes, and other pertinent information to complete an academic goal. Continuing with the matriculation process will improve a student’s chances of being removed from academic or progress probation.


What is Dismissal?

Dismissal because of Repeated Academic Probation
A student on Academic Probation will be dismissed if the student earned a cumulative grade point average of less than 2.0 in all graded credit units attempted in each of three consecutive semesters.  However, if a student achieves a 2.0 or higher during the most recent regular (Fall, Spring) semester while on probation, the student will continue on probation, but will not be subject to dismissal.  Terms shorter than 16 weeks (i.e. Winter, Summer) will not be considered a semester.  A semester in which the student does not take any courses will not be counted as a semester.

Dismissal because of Repeated Progress Probation
A student on Progress Probation will be dismissed if the percentage of units in which the student has been enrolled, for which entries of "W," "I," and "NC" and/or “NP” remains at or above 50 percent for three consecutive semesters.  Terms shorter than 16 weeks will not be considered a semester.  A semester in which the student does not take any courses will not be counted as a semester.

A student who has been dismissed may return after sitting out for at least one 16-week semester.  A readmitted student will remain on probation until the cumulative average is above 2.0 and/or the percentage of “W,” ”I,” and “NC/NP” entries is below 50 percent.

Appeal of Probation or Dismissal
A student who believes that there were extenuating circumstances that warrant an exception to the probation or dismissal standards set forth in this policy may submit a written appeal in compliance with administrative procedures.

Readmission Following Dismissal
A student who has been dismissed may return after sitting out at least one 16 week semester.  A readmitted student will remain on probation until the cumulative average is above 2.0 and/or the percentage of “W,” “I,” and “NC/NP” entries is below 50 percent.


Student Success Program Team

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Xiao Wang, Counselor
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